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Screenshots of the official Rise of Tomb Raider‘s PC build are out and trust me it looks great.

Yesterday, the screenshots were posted on NeoGAF by a user named jim2point0. As these screenshots were taken at a custom resolution and by using external tools, we cannot expect the same likeliness of the game on every PC, but we could expect some of it.
Take a look on the sample screenshots below and the remaining ones can be seen by clicking here.


Here’s the tools and methods used to take the shots:

Rendering: Custom resolutions @ ~40megapixel

Antialiasing: Two pass colour-based offline AA

Methods: Free camera w/ FOV and rollIn-engine tonemapping and depth of field control

Tools: Debug build supplied by Crystal Dynamics, Assembly hacks for Aspect ratio correction, SRWE for high resolution hotsampling

Rise of Tomb Raider is available to pre-order right now on Steam and will release on January 28.

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