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Battle royales are the hottest trend in video games these days. With popular titles like PUBG and Fortnite running wild on consoles and PC alike, Nintendo had been keeping their distance from the said genre. Well, not anymore. Nintendo  Switch is jumping on the bandwagon with Crazy Justice, a 100-player battle royale title that is going to be crossplay compatible as well.

The developer Black Riddle Studios has released a 2 minute gameplay video showcasing the art style, performance and overall feel and tone of the third-person shooter. Check out the video below;

In Crazy Justice you can select from 20 different heroes (all of them has different special skills and a customizable skill deck) to fight against the 99 other players. The game will support Cross-Play (Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PC) as optional feature and motion control as optional feature. Other features include;

– Building/upgrading system
– Destructable environment
– Climbing system
– HD Rumble (on Nintendo Switch)
– Splitscreen support (up to 4 players in story mode and 2 players mode in multiplayer)
– Cover and hiding system
– Customizable Skill Deck (which specify the character’s behaviour)

Developed and published by Black Riddle, Crazy Justice is being developed for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Play Station 4 and PC targeting a Q2 2018 release date.

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