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Season 5 of Call of Duty: Warzone begins on August 5. In a new trailer, we get to see the train – an unstoppable behemoth, and the stadium roof getting blown open! We are introduced to the Shadow Company – an elite paramilitary company that operates outside the boundaries of the Armistice. Its motives are different from those of Allegiance and Shadow. We are introduced to three new operators this season – Rozlin “Roze” Helms (formerly Jackals), Velikan, and Marcus “Lerch” Ortega, the Company’s leader.

A big change to the meta is going to be the addition of lots of zip lines on the exteriors of buildings and structures – previously immune perch campers would now be vulnerable! This has been done to discourage camping, and push players to engage in combat. There are new game mods, weapon additions, and a new melee finisher move. There is also an ongoing rumor about 5-player squads. A new battlepass will provide players with loads of cosmetic content.

Apart from Warzone, there are new multiplayer maps coming to other game modes – Suldal Harbor and Petrov Oil Rig (6v6), Verdansk International Airport (Ground War), Livestock (Gunfight).

The patch is massive – but there is good news. Asset packs are being optimized, which will end up reducing the overall size of the game on the hard disk. The 33.9 GB patch is currently live and available for pre-download on the PS4 platform. For Xbox One it will be 49.8 GB and for PC, a chunky 54.2 GB. Check out their public roadmap for more details. With over 75 million players, Infinity Ward has caught lightning in a bottle yet again for Activision. Verdansk is never going to be the same again!


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