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The next Call of Duty just can’t stop leaking! We had reported when the next Black Ops codenamed Red Door appeared on the Microsoft Store. Data miners from the community (via CodTracker) probed and poked around this secret alpha build by Treyarch long enough to get some interesting information about the rumored-to-be-titled Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

Here’s what the miners have been able to dig up so far:

Thirteen single-player campaign missions have been listed – the order of these levels, and whether it is complete, has not been ascertained.
* K.G.B. (Russia)
* Siege (Russia)
* Yamantau (Russia)
* Takedown (Side Mission)
* Tundra (Side Mission)
* Hub (Germany)
* Hub 8 (Germany)
* Stakeout (Germany)
* Armada (Vietnam)
* Prisoner (Vietnam)
* Revolucion (Nicaragua)
* Amerika (Russia)
* Duga (Russia)

This leak appears to be internal codenames for the new multiplayer maps.

Infinity Ward’s F2P BR behemoth Warzone is going to continue in this game. Season 4 had brought in a limited-time 200 player mode. The new zones mentioned below are probably going to be added to the current Verdansk map as part of Season 5.

* Duga
* Forest
* Russia
* Ski Slopes

There is a mention of 1 zombie map – codename Silver.

Do take these leaks with an unhealthy amount of salt – the game has not been announced yet, so there is no way to verify this information yet.

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