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There have been quite a few leaks in the past few weeks about a new Prince of Persia game. People have been wanting to see the Prince back in action, and it seems that Ubisoft is only happy to oblige. We have seen a leaked player model for the prince (now confirmed to be fake) as well as a few other key details about the remake. Another leak points at a possible Prince of Persia remake, having a bit more credibility than others.

The main domains for the Prince of Persia game have been updated by Ubisoft quite recently. The first domain was updated on 26th March, while the second domain was updated on 3rd April. This coincides with the date the crossover event in For Honor ended. It likely means that an announcement is coming very soon – probably on Ubisoft’s digital event, which is likely to take place in the same month as E3 2020 (which has now been canceled).

There’s definitely something going on, and there is some truth in the leaks. However, nothing can be said for sure until an official announcement is made. Speculation says that the digital event is likely to be held in the first week of June

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