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We’ve been hearing this one for quite some time, and I hope we actually get to see an announcement pretty soon. Prince of Persia was one of the best franchises back in the day, and the lack of games after the 2008 reboot really hit hard. There have been countless leaks suggesting that the game would be getting a remake or remaster pretty soon – and it looks like another leak just got added to the pile. Hype and Prince of Persia definitely go together.

The old Prince of Persia domains has been updated recently. Now, we see that a new Twitter account for the game has also been registered last month. Doesn’t seem much of a leak, does it? The account’s locked away and its tweets are protected as of now. It may as well be a troll who wanted to do this for some attention or a fan-based handle to tweet leaks and stuff.

A locked Prince of Persia Twitter account exists.

However, when you apply for an email recovery on the Twitter account, you can see that the recovery email is of the format: pr******************@u******.***  – the latter part of the email seems awfully like ubisoft.com – indicating that the domain might indeed be registered by Ubisoft themselves. This points towards a reveal of the game in the near future, possibly at Ubisoft’s own digital event. There’s also a small chance that the game is announced at Microsoft’s July event, but that’s less likely to happen.

Keep calm and wait until an announcement comes through.

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