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Sony’s next enormous and probably crucial step is going to be the launch of PlayStation 4K, a rumored powerful console that has the capability to run games and read discs at 4K format. This alongside the PlayStation VR, would be Sony’s biggest power play since the original PS4.

Initially  leaked by Kotaku and later validated by other outlets; the news has huge ramifications. Eurogamer confirms that a PS4K do exist claiming that there are prototypes are already available at Sony’s R&B labs. The Wall Street Journal likewise confirms that it’s for real and corroborates previously published reports by other publications, they also stated that PS4K will be announced before the launch of PSVR.

Not long after the news broke though it created ripples among the gamers who already owned a PS4. A percentage of the them were upbeat while the greater part of them simply detested the thought. Personal and public sentiments aside, we decided to focus on the moolah that this step might bring Sony. Sadly, by our calculations, its not a lot.

As the WSJ’s report says, Sony would prefer not to stop the assembling of current PS4, that implies it won’t be the end of the console and in fact latest games still be made available for PS4. But what if Sony begins remastering recent/old games to provide higher graphics fidelity for PS4K, if that’s so then it won’t make sense for anyone to purchase a $399 rig (presently the price is not confirmed but most of the report suggest a $399 price tag) just to play old games at higher resolution. No! That doesn’t sound cool to me!

But there’s another side of the coin, if we speculate, this step of Sony might be the end of exclusives for PS4. I think Sony will try to encourage developers to make games for PS4K and will port those games to PS4. The game for PS4K comes with higher graphics resolution and frame rate, and the ported one for the PS4 will simply  be a downgrade version of game. In the event that this is the situation, the outcome will in any case be the same – why would gamers spend money to buy a new console in such a short timeframe after the release of PS4.

It’ll be the worst case scenario for those who bought a new PS4 during 2015 holiday season that end up selling 5.7 million units of PS4, that’s because anybody who owned a PS4 wanted it to last at least 3-5 years. And just because PS4K provides great graphics and frame rate Sony believes  people still gonna buy it, like really!?. Yet, the fact of the matter is most of the gamers, according to me, just don’t think much about the graphics, in fact the main concern for many of us is the gameplay and story. In any case, that doesn’t mean we simply couldn’t care less about graphics, it plays a pivotal part in a game and the story.

And just because you might get to play games at higher resolution and frame rate doesn’t sound compelling enough to buy a fresh out of the box PS4K. I figure a large portion of the gamers who effectively claimed a PS4 won’t go for another PS4K and will basically stay with their present consoles. The point that I want to drive home is that the population who are going to sacrifice their current consoles to buy a new one, are  unlikely to generate sales.

There are lot of “What-ifs” going around. Be that as it may, a bitter truth for Sony is it already started getting negative comments and disagreement from the gaming community/industry and in future it probably be neglected. And that’s why the sales number for the PS4K will not be in the figures that Sony wanted it to.

But despite everything I need to comprehend what do you think of this. Is PS4K going to be a great success for Sony? Then again Do they really get the results that they wanted to see? Or on the other hand it’ll be a disappointment for Sony this time? We want to hear from you, so shout it towards us in the comment below or you can rather vote up in our monthly poll.

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