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Sony’s “PlayStation 4K” or “PlayStation 4.5”, its still unclear what’s its official name but we’ll be calling it PS4K for now, is an updated or upgraded version of the current PS4, which will have the ability to play games at a higher resolution of 4K. Its smashing headlines now-a-days after its initial reveal by Kotaku.

Apart from Kotaku’s revelation, Eurogamer also independently confirms the existence of a “PlayStation 4K” in their recent report. Sony also hinted it several times but there is still no official wording came out from Sony till date.

According to the latest report published by The Wall Street Journal, PlayStation 4K is expected to be announced before the launch of PlayStation VR, virtual reality headset by Sony, this October. It’ll provide “a richer gaming environment, including a high-end virtual-reality experience” reads the WSJ’s report.

The Wall Street Journal also corroborates previous reports from Kotaku and Eurogamer on Sony’s intentions to release a new version of the PS4. WSJ also stated that Sony won’t stop the production of the current PS4 but will start manufacturing it’s more powerful successor.

Although, a release window or price isn’t revealed yet, but if the speculations goes right it’ll be announced soon upon its reveal.

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