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Kotaku has uncovered another deep secret. As reported on their site, a few “trusted” developer sources let them know that Sony is dealing with a new version of PS4 which will have the ability to run games at 4K (4096×2160 pixels) resolution.

The current PS4 can yield 4K resolution pictures and videos, however it doesn’t support games at that high point as it is presently giving an 1080p resolution. In consideration to this, this new “PS4.5” will consolidate GPU to bolster games at a higher 4K resolution and will likewise included backing to their recently revealed PlayStation VR.

However, its indistinct if “PS4.5” will be its official name or only an epithet given by the developers. While telling about this to Kotaku, one developer jokingly called it as “PS4K”. Additionally, there’s still no thought  if it will be an upgradeable version of PS4 or a whole new console.

When reached out to Sony about this report, they refuses to comment. “We can’t comment on rumours and speculation”, a rep said in an email  to Kotaku.

Furthermore, the report closes here deserting heaps of questions. Is Sony truly anticipating a 4K supportable PlayStation? Will Sony permit individuals to exchange their current PS4s to purchase the new machine? What will be its price? When will it be unveiled? But as said on Kotaku’s report – answers to these questions are still obscure.

We’ve seen Xbox Head, Phil Spencer, openly hinting about Xbox One’s upgradeable hardware during a press event last month. Microsoft will “come out with new hardware capability during a [console] generation.” says Phil, during the presentation. And its prone to see Sony dunking their hands into hardware part.

Sony indicated about the 4K support many a times, however no official wording were out from Sony till date.

Sony Computer Entertainment’s Executive Vice President Maysayasu Ito, in an interview with 4Gamer (as reported by Siliconera), spoke about the future possibilities of an enhanced PlayStation 4.

During the chat, when bringing up the topic of 4K Blu-ray and asking the Executive Vice President about SCE’s thought on the subject. Ito says:

“The Blu-ray disc drive that is currently installed in the PS4 is made exclusively for the Blu-ray disc player, so it cannot read the 3-layer media that is standardized by Ultra HD Blu-ray. For this reason, the PlayStation 4 models that are out in the market cannot be compatible with Ultra HD Blu-ray.

And further added that – Ultra HD Blu-ray compatibility is something that the company is “currently considering”. Giving a hint about their possible plans for it.

In the course of last year’s Consumer Electronic Show (CES), Netflix first started talking about this out publicly. According to The Huffington Post, Netflix’s Chief Product Officer Neil Hunt said during a press conference that Sony has “promised” them a PS4 hardware revision.

Be that as it may, in the event that we investigate Kotaku’s past disclosures, their reports were most of the time true. So I just want to see how Sony will take this too early reveal and how they respond in future. So its better to stay tuned with us as we’ll update on this more in future.

  1. While a 4k PS4 would be great, I don’t see it happening for gaming due to a couple of reasons. The best high end pc’s struggle to run 4k graphics unless the settings are turned down in order to maintain a minimum of 30 fps. These are very high end components that cost a lot of money which I doubt Sony could do much to bridge that gap to bring it to the masses. The second reason is that it would fragment the user base which is never a good idea for consoles. The only way it could work is maybe indie games at 4k but that isn’t what gets people excited. If this change is for the ability to play 4k uhd blurays natively then that would be a fairly insignificant price increase for the console and could definitely be a possibility.

    1. I agree. And I think if a hardware upgrade is what Sony is looking at. I don’t believe its entirely feasible at the current point of time. But I think they are laying ground work for bigger things. Its more hot air than anything else right now.

  2. So this means Ps4.5 4k could be for movies but 1080p resolution for games ??? I’m disappointed because what’s the point of 4k evolution if its not for gaming just for movies bs ?? 🙁

    Also they don’t need Ultra HD Blu-ray just stick with original HD Blu-ray reader support blur-ray Disc from 100-120 up to 300GB + 4TB storage HDD maybe they could somehow make ps4 games compatible to play cuz this may be good idea :]

    1. I don’t think it will be restricted to movies. I mean the basic idea behind upgrading the disc would be to allow reading of 4K discs so that gamers can buy such games in form of retails copies too. Fingers crossed though.

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