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When Hunt : Showdown came out, there were a number of bad reviews on Steam, most of which pointed out the bugs and poor performance of the game, which struggled to run even on the best rigs money can buy. Sadly, developing games much ahead of their time are one of the things Crytek is famous (*cough* Crysis *cough*). However, they always reach out to the community for fixing their games in the end, which is what they did, when they dropped the performance patch everyone playing the game was expecting.

The patch focuses on CPU optimization, reducing the game’s overall memory footprint, besides addressing stalls and stutters occurring during movement,ADS, and other in-game interactions. The patch also fixes vegetation issues occurring at the start of the game. The performance patch is guaranteed to boost FPS on all machines, especially on lower-end machines, which struggled to run the game till now.

Crytek had detailed the optimization and tweaks in a video, where their Level Design Director, Lead Rendering Engineer and Technical Director discussed the changes made to improve the performance of the game.

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