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Goa-based indie developer Frostwood Interactive announce the release for Rainswept, a murder mystery adventure game out now on Windows and Mac.

Rainswept follows the cold midnight shootings of Christopher Green and Diane Miller, residents of Pineview with a troubled reputation.

As Detective Michael Stone, players are called in to investigate the apparent murder-suicide of Chris and Diane in a cinematic adventure game featuring –

  • A Story-First Approach emphasizing dramatic cut-scenes, dialogue choices, dream and flashback sequences.
  • Multiple Perspectives. Relive key moments off Chris and Diane’s love affair as they get to know each other and fall in love.
  • An Opinionated Cast of interactive small-town personalities, persons of interest, uncooperative government officials and a few personal demons.
  • Surreal and Stylish 2D Artwork to complement Pineview’s quaint streets with dramatic cinematography, gradient lighting and multi-layered environments.
  • An Original Score by micAmic of The Cat LadyDownfall and Lorelai fame.
  • Coffee, cigarettes and pines trees.

Assisted by the empathetic Officer Blunt, Rainswept aims to settle players into the daily rhythm of a small-town murder investigation by having them explore the streets of Pineview, interrogate suspects and solve puzzles.

All while Detective Stone’s own unresolved trauma threatens to jeopardize the case. Players will also experience Chris’ emotional story with Diane through flashback sequences, joining them in pivotal moments of their lives.

Rainswept was first released as an hour-long playable demo in the month of January 2018, garnering well over 65,000 views and 11,000 play-throughs across Gamejolt and Itch.io in the months since.

Rainswept is now available for Windows and Mac on Steam.

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