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Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox now available for Mac on Steam

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After a successful launch, many community requested features have been added to the game

After the launch on PC and Linux Intelligent Design: An Evolutionary Sandbox now makes it way to Mac.  The game spent its launch weekend in the top 10 most popular new releases on Steam and has started to grow a passionate community.

The game is available on Steam for the base price is $6.99/£4.99/€6.99.

Key Features

Fully modelled genetics and evolution
The behaviour and appearance of each organism are determined by their genetics. How tall will a plant grow? How fast can an herbivore run? How often does a carnivore seek prey? These genetics are passed down generation after generation, with random mutations caused by radiation. Evolution is fully simulated, there are no tricks or statistical approximations. You are watching life evolve on your computer.

Weather and Climate Model
Temperature, humidity and wind are all modelled in the game. The weather and climate effect your organisms and perhaps your actions affect the climate as well…

Genetic Engineering
One of your key objectives is to investigate the organisms you create. Build collectors to harvest resources and research stations to observe the organisms. Eventually you will unlock the secrets of genetic engineering. Create your own genetically modified organisms, but be careful, once a genome has entered your ecosystem it may be hard to undo the damage…

Science to be Done
What do all those genes actually do? How is the world score calculated? What does world efficiency even mean? Much like a real scientist you will need to investigate, analyse and work with other players to try and answer these questions. To help you along the way the game outputs data in xml files so you can really get your science on.

Secrets to Discover
Who is employing you to create this ecosystem? Why are they doing it? Why are you doing it? What are those targets for? The answers to these any many other questions are out there, you just need to work together and find them…

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