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Thinking of signing up for an esports tournament, or just idly curious about what makes the best esports players… well, the best? There are tons of things that set the super-good players apart from the rest and let them consistently win against their competition. Finding out a few of the biggest tricks that the pros engage when they’re playing is one of the best ways to give yourself an edge, whether you want to play professionally or just casually with friends.

Tons of people are fascinated by the world of esports right now, so if you’re interested, you’re definitely not alone. After all, what’s not to like? There’s fun to be had (who wouldn’t want to play video games professionally) and, if you’re lucky or skillful (or both), some serious money to be made! Esports is no longer a fringe entertainment; it can result in some seriously big wins for the absolutely best players, and with the ever-growing jackpots on offer for the bettors, there’s really something for everybody here.

Buckle up, because this is going to be quite a ride, and by the end of it, you’ll be in a great place to kick some virtual butt and gain an edge over all your competitors.

Get Watching

What? Watch gamers instead of playing games? That doesn’t necessarily sound like the best place to start, but you can actually learn so, so much by watching a professional do something first, and then trying your hand at it. Whether that’s mastering a jump, figuring out how to use a feature of the map to your advantage, or memorizing which guns are most useful in which contexts, the pros have the knowledge, and you can have it too if you watch them. After all, they’re the pros for a reason – so pick yourself a mentor, sit down, and start your schooling.

You may even find that schooling is very much to your taste in this case (even if the thought of being in an actual classroom isn’t exactly enticing). Loads of people enjoy watching esports just for the sake of watching, even if they never plan to play, and this is actually something that has catapulted esports from fringe entertainment to huge business. It’s not surprising that a surge of wagers and betting has accompanied this – because where there is popularity, there’s money. 

In 2022, just the top 10 esports companies were valued at around $353 million, and there has been a huge influx of players, enthusiasts, viewers, and gamblers flocking to this industry for both the entertainment and the money it can offer. You can check out the best site for esports betting here, or just keep reading for more info on how these players have turned playing video games into a very lucrative kind of art!

Play Play Play

If you’re more hands-on and you find yourself getting itchy feet whenever you try and sit down to watch someone else play, good news: practice is very high up on the list too. You need to be honing your skills, shaving seconds off your reaction time, mastering the challenges, and fine-tuning your strategy constantly, especially when the game gets updated and things change. Even a minor tweak can totally change the outcome of your character’s actions, so practice until your fingers are sore…

… And then balance that with another tip: remember to take a break. Video games are so immersive, you can easily lose track of the time, day, week, month (okay, so we’re exaggerating here), and look up from the screen to find that it’s dark outside and your mouth feels dry as sand. That’s actually really bad for your skills as a player. You need to get up, get your eyes off the screen, rehydrate, and get some fresh air if you want to always be at the top of your game. The best players know that it takes more than hours of grinding; like a physical athlete, you’ve got to look after your body and take a break when it matters.

Work On Adaptability

    Creating a pattern and perfecting your moves might seem like the way to go, because then you can get really good at what you do, but actually, you might be shooting yourself in the foot if you spend all your time on just a handful of moves or approaches, rather than trying to expand your repertoire. A lot of the most successful gamers win because they’re adaptable and they can roll with the flow of the game, eliminating their opponents even when something unexpected happens.

    While you may have a few favorite games you always fall back on, playing a variety can increase your flexibility and enhance your ability to strategize when something comes up – so why not check out four fun esports games you can play with your friends? You’ll probably pick up some cool new tricks and you might even find a new beloved game to add to your collection – and if not, you’ll still have the chance to test your skills in an unfamiliar environment.

    You don’t have to play every game out there, but try to mix it up a little, so you can maximize your ability to think on your feet when things go wrong, and your plan is in the toilet. You’re much more likely to win consistently if you’re a flexible player!

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