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If there is a ray of sunshine in this doom and gloom of the year 2020 for us PC gamers, it’s the Steam Summer Sale! The sale returns this year with some fantastic discounts as well as a permanent Points Shop where you can buy cosmetic items for your profile and chat like avatars, stickers, effects, emoticons, community content awards, and backgrounds- both static and animated. Steam is also letting you claim one sticker and trading card for free every day of the sale. And if you are in search for that elusive item that gives you bragging rights, you can go for the oh-so-shiny 30-day limited edition Summer Golden Profile.

steam summer sale

Themed around an exciting road trip special, the Steam Summer Sale sale will let buyers save $5 for every $30 they spend – or equivalent in their country. For example, Indian gamers will save INR 120 on a purchase of INR 700!

As usual, we at Gameffine decided to list out our top picks – one recommendation from each and every one of us in the team! Ranging from classics, indies to even AAAs – these games have one thing in common right now – unbeatable prices!

#1 Mad Max – Niranjan

This overlooked open-world game from 2015 by Avalanche Studios is a blast to play from start to end! Drive and fight your way through the savage wasteland. Your only mission: survive.

Available for $4.99 | 4.99€ | £3.99 | ₹ 247 @ 75% discount


 #2 Sonic Generations – Subhasish

Return back to the beloved Sonic universe of your childhood – now in beautiful high-definition 3D and a slapping soundtrack to boot! Master Sonic’s famous moves and take on notorious bosses from his past!

Available for $1 | 1€ | £0.75 | ₹ 28 @ 95% discount


#3 Ion Fury – Jay

A fitting homage to old classic FPS games – this labor of love by Voidpoint is sure to get you nostalgic! Developed on a souped-up version of the original Build Engine, this game delivers retro action by the bucketloads!

Available for $14.99 | 12.59€ | £11.69 | ₹ 341 @ 40% discount


#4 Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain – Manas

Kojima-san’s last game for Konami was the epic Metal Gear Solid V. With an ambitious open-world game design powered by the Fox Engine, you return as the famous Solid Snake to the battlefield to defeat the shadowy group XOF.

Available for $5.99 | 7.49€ | £6.24 | ₹ 230 @ 70% discount


#5 Ni No Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom – Arka

This open-world JRPG is a game that you did not know you were waiting for – it has beautiful graphics, excellent story and a stirring soundtrack. The Prince Edition, which includes the season pass, is priced a little higher.

Available for $17.99 | 17.99€ | £14.99 | ₹ 1289 @ 70% discount


#6 Shadow Tactics: Blades Of The Shogun – Izhan

Before this year’s hit Desperados 3, developer Mimimi Games made another great top-down tactical game. In Shadow Tactics, travel to Medieval Japan with five deadly specialists and challenge impossible odds!

Available for $5.99 | 5.99€ | £5.24 | ₹ 127 @ 85% discount


 #7 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege – Biren

If you are into competitive multiplayer FPS games, look no further than Ubisoft’s Siege. Experience high intensity close-quarter combat and multiple tools of destruction in your arsenal at the always evolving world of this game. Deluxe, Gold and Ultimate editions of this game are available at a higher price.

Available for $7.99 | 7.99€ | £6.79 | ₹ 399 @ 60% discount


#8 Deus Ex: Mankind Divided – Sailesh

2016’s cyberpunk RPG by Eidos Montreal is a direct sequel to Human Revolution. Stunning visuals, jam-packed sandbox environments, multiple playstyles and a stellar story – all come together in an incredible mix to make this game great!

Available for $4.49 | 4.49€ | £2.99 | ₹ 74 @ 85% discount


#9 Dishonored – Sushir

This 2012 masterpiece by Arkane Studios is a cult classic! An immersive first-person action game set in a fantasy steampunk world where you are cast as a supernatural assassin consumed by revenge.

Available for $5.99 | 5.99€ | £4.49 | ₹ 402 @ 70% discount


The Steam Summer Sale 2020 is on from June 25 and will continue till July 9.

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