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64 Players going head-to-head with axes, broadswords, fisticuffs, hammer, maces, fish, fork, dagger, flaming Chicken, and decapitated heads is the TLDR definition for Chivalry 2. This hack ‘n slash multiplayer game has grabbed a good amount of playerbase in a very limited period of time and hence finding matches only takes a couple of seconds. And this is something really important for an only multiplayer game, but does it actually lives up to its cult classic legacy? Let’s find out!

Chivalry 2 is an actual next-gen multiplayer skirmish game. With an immense variety of weapons available, you will spend a good time exploring each weapon and what suits you best. With 3 main classes and subclasses on their own, players have a variety of roles to try and learn the best for them. You can play as an Archer, Soldier, or turn the tides around with Knights. From longswords to executioner’s axe, each weapon works the same way in that fact that they all slaughter the other players, but timing them well according to their weight and feel is crucial to your survival.

The Battlefield

Well, I won’t deny the fact that the actual core of the game is mindless killing. But, Chivalry 2 has well-designed objective-oriented maps. The map that you’ll find the most is The Siege of Rudhelm. In this game mode, the Agaithans (Red Team) will breach the Mason (Blue Team) stronghold. In this strong clash between two forces, Agaithans will have procedural objectives to breach, take control of the stronghold and kill the Heir before the reinforcements arrive.

Similarly, in The Slaughter of Coxwell, the Mason army has decided to burn and plunder the village of Coxwell, killing any human that comes between them. While the Mason army continues to burn the village and plunder the riches of the village, it is the duty of the Agaithians to overpower the invaders. You’ll find more interesting maps like The Fall of Lionspire, Escape from Falmire, The Battle of Dark Forest. Apart from objective-type maps, you can also choose to play in the Team Death Match/Free for all maps.

The Armory

As we’ve already mentioned, Chivalry 2 will give you a variety of weapons and classes to choose from. Your aim is good? Go ahead and drop devastating projectiles on your foes and keep them suppressed while playing as an archer. Or, is your reaction time good? Go ahead and pick the Vanguard and utilize your mobility on the battlefield. While playing as a Footman might be your go-to while learning the ABCs of the game, I personally prefer the Knight subclass – Guardian. Equipped with a shield, and a one-handed sword, it brings a perfect synchronization to my playstyle.

Finding the class best suited to you may be a bit of a problem, but here’s a pro-tip- ‘experiment’ with all classes and grind each. While all the classes will be initially unlocked, you will still need to grind that particular class to further unlock the subclasses and additional weaponry. As for what you wear, Chivalry 2, gives ample options to chose from, also introducing its own little micro-transaction store. Looking good may strike fear in the hearts of your enemy until you are getting stabbed from 7 different directions.

What makes Chivalry so unique?

In very simplified terms, if you’re having fun in a game and you get genuinely happy playing the game, it is generally a good game. But is Chivalry 2 fun? Maybe. Chivalry 2 had my eyes since the alpha and betas. And from that point on I knew, that this is the actual multiplayer game we need in 2021. Looter shooters, 5v5 Team Games are slowly losing their touch, and people are desperately looking for something so unapologetic and fun. Chivalry 2 has brought in some really unique elements as well as a bit of creative freedom.

You can literally pick horse dung and shove it on your enemy’s face dealing 30 Damage. You can approach a well and pick up a fish, or throw your longsword, and pick the weapon that your enemy just dropped. This is the freedom that a true next-gen game requires and is highly honored in Chivalry 2. Using the environment to your advantage is something most players miss out on, but once you truly understand how you can use it to your advantage, things turn in your favor pretty quickly. Instead of just one, you will have multiple ways to land your attacks including – slah, uppercut, stab, guard break, and special attacks. Blending all of these and catching your enemies by surprise is how you’ll end up as the last man standing.

 Where Chivalry Takes a Beating

I will not refrain from the fact that Chivalry 2 is indeed an amazing game. But for me, the servers are a major letdown. As a resident of India, the closest servers to me were the SEA servers. But the minimum ping I got was 80. Personally, 80 ping is also more than enough, but the major backlash comes in when I get over 100 Ping in 6 out of 10 matches. What happens then? My sword goes through the enemy, my counter-attacks are useless and my head is chopped before the enemy charges his attacks.

But ironically, while playing on European servers even with 140 ping, I had an amazing time. The game was way more responsive and fun to play. Hence, the SEA servers are taking a beating and need optimization as well as more tickets towards the Singapore servers. Another part that makes me sad is the playerbase. Since there is no good matchmaking in the game, new players are often left clueless and deviate from the objectives. While it is important to engage and win fights, your efforts are worthless if your entire team is busy getting farmed 2 miles away from the fort you need to hold. But hey, this comes in with every multiplayer game out there, and since Chivalry  2 is very recent, we can let this one pass. As for the bugs and glitches, a fantastic job was done at the QA end. The Beta tests and runs did bring in bright colors.

For Agatha?

Wrapping everything up. Chivalry 2 is an outstanding, fun-filled, thrilling, and brutal experience. Ignoring its minor flaws and the one bit about the servers, I feel that Chivalry 2 stands its ground well in terms of being one of the best large-scale player multiplayer games. And yes, I did put it in the list contending against titles like Battlefield and Warzone. Like shouting and wielding axes? Grab the game right now on PC or consoles and play with your friends since it supports crossplay out of the box.

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