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After spending a lot of time with Monopoly’s Super Electronic Banking, it was time for round 2. This time we had the – Monopol Travel World Tour on our hands, which came with a lot of nostalgia and many innovations to the board.

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And with that, here’s our Monopoly Travel World Tour Review!

Your Check-In Baggage

In Monopoly Travel World Tour the table will have a lot of items this time, including Self Stampable Tokens, 164 Money Tokens, 22 Destination Cards, 10 Chance Cards, 10 Travel Journal Cards and the Gameboard with a pair of dice. And yes, you heard that right! You will stamp your marks on the board and in the travel journal. But don’t worry; the gameboard can clean itself after the game ends.

The game is playable between 2 to 4 players and will need to have the role of a banker. But what all is new? Let’s start with how you’re supposed to win the game.

You will purchase properties and match colours to increase wealth and rent. But this time, you will buy travel destinations. The goal of winning is not to accept the maximum amount of properties but to stamp and mark four travel goals. You can get travel goals by purchasing properties. You can have as many travel goals but only need to stamp 4 to win the game. You don’t necessarily need to own your travel goals, but you will have to pay rent if an opponent holds the travel destination. 

You’ll also have a brand new addition called the Travel Journal. In MonopoLanding on the Travel Journal space will have you take out a travel journal card. This card will have the task to be read aloud and performed. The person who picked the card will also stamp it. Stamps on Travel Journal cards are permanent. In future games, travel journal tasks will only be applied to players bearing the stamp icon. 

There will be two types of Flight spaces – Local Flights and Long-distance Flights. Local Flights will only allow you to travel between the next Local flight space. The long-distance flight will allow you to travel anywhere on the map. These will play a vital role in completing travel goals. 

The Adventure Begins

Any Board-Game review is complete with our veteran squad of Aarav, Anindita, Namrita and me. 

We quickly glanced at the new rules and beautiful new tokens – Scottie, T-Rex, Hazel and Rubber Ducky. 

We all rolled the dice, and Aarav started as he rolled the highest amount and began the game of Monopoly Travel World Tour.

Stakes were high initially, as we all capitalized on buying more properties to accumulate more goal options. I, on the other hand, had another level of luck. Thrice in a row, I rolled the pair 6’s and, as per the rules, landed in jail.

I comfortably watched everyone else rake in properties and building line monopolies while I awaited my turn to exit from the jail. Before I left the Jail, Aarav landed in the Free Parking Area, claiming the Golden Ticket. He immediately redeemed it and claimed the travel goal at the Ruins of Hampi, the only Indian Tourist Spot in the game.

This raised the stakes as Aarav was only three more stamps away from his well-deserved victory. Namrita, on the other hand, declined to buy a property, triggering an auction. The Auction started at 10MM and instantly increased as everyone took an interest. In the end, only Namrita and I were competing, realizing Namrita auctioned the property only to buy it at a lower price. I raised the prices higher, forcing Namrita to buy the property at a higher price. 

Although I may think I raised the competition, Namrita was able to get the property 40% cheaper. She also got the travel goal to a destination she already owned. 

Anindita, on the other hand, had already marked one spot and luckily landed precisely at one of her travel goals. This made her the only player to complete two stamps out of 4. 

The game progressed, and now Namrita, Anindita and Aarav had three completed marks while I was stamping my second. All players were buying properties left and suitable to get more goals, hoping to increase their winning window. Aarav went short on cash, but since this game does not support bankruptcy, he paid whatever he could and proceeded. 

And by supreme luck, the next space was Aarav’s final travel goal. He marked his 4th and final stamp and claimed victory.


Monopoly Travel World Tour is a very unique and colourful take on the game. Stamps make the game more fun and authoritative. The permanent seals on Travel Journal play an excellent role in making endless memories that can be cherished in future games. Having two dice makes the game faster but makes it harder to reach a particular goal.

The currency cardboard chips, however, are tiny and hard to manage. Losing them is easy if they aren’t kept securely and safely after each game. We already lost 2 of our currency chips.

Overall, for our Monopoly Travel World Tour Review, we think the board game has the perfect capability of being a huge hit amongst the younger audience, who will gain knowledge about tourist spots around the world, stamp their achievements and make memories.

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