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John Wick writer penning Splinter Cell animated series for Netflix

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Everyone’s favorite modern-day ninja spy Sam Fisher is coming to Netflix! Thanks to a collaboration with Ubisoft, the streaming giant is giving Tom Clancy’s Splinter Cell the animated series treatment with the help of John Wick writer Derek Kolstad. He has worked on all three John Wick films and also on the upcoming Disney Plus series Falcon and Winter Soldier. We had previously reported his involvement in the R-rated Netflix series for the game My Friend Pedro. According to a report by Variety, the Splinter Cell series has already been greenlit for a 2 season – 16 episode order.

After the release of the first Splinter Cell game back in 2002, US Navy Seal Sam Fisher returned for five more sequels working for the secretive Third Echelon division. With critically acclaimed games like Chaos Theory, Blacklist and Pandora Tomorrow in its franchise, the story is primed for television! Featuring black-ops missions across the globe, this third-person stealth action game boasts of a big and loyal fanbase who will be eagerly waiting to know more!

This will not be Ubisoft’s first foray into onscreen adaptations – Michael Fassbender’s 2016 movie Assassin’s Creed and the Apple Plus TV show Mythic Quest. Ubisoft’s romance with Netflix will continue with upcoming shows like the live-action and animation combo Beyond Good & Evil, and movies like Jake Gyllenhall’s The Division.

Ubisoft’s film and television division had informed last year, in a report by Hollywood Reporter, that they were developing a slate of animated series based on their IPs. For kids, they were working on a special for the 3-season strong Rabbids Invasion, a comedy adventure in the Rayman universe, and an animated feature for their mobile game Hungry Shark. For older viewers, Ubisoft is making a teen-centric cyber mystery series in a highschool setting based on Watch Dogs and working with Castlevania producer Adi Shankar on a young-adult series called Captain Laserhawk based on the Far Cry 3 expansion Blood Dragon.

Cybermystery Captain Laserhawk

With Netflix taking such strides into adapting gaming IPs, do you think Amazon is far behind? Check out our article on the Fallout series being made by the creators of Westworld for Amazon Studios.

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