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GamesRadar+ debuted their digital event Future Games Show on June 13, 2020. It was hosted by acclaimed voice artists Nolan North and Emily Rose (well known for their lead roles in the Uncharted series) and featured more than 40 games spanning PC, console, and mobile platforms.

Here is our selection of the top 5 games from Future Games Show that got us hyped! Since gamers are already aware of popular upcoming games like Wasteland 3, Kena: Bridge Of Spirits shown during the PS5 reveal event, and Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One, we will exclude them from our list.

Call Of The Sea

Drawing its inspirations from Firewatch and The Witness, this adventure puzzler set in 1934 puts you in the shoes of Norah – a woman in search of her lost husband who stumbled upon this lush forgotten paradise island in the South Pacific. Solve a variety of puzzles and occult mysteries in this emotional journey while soaking in the fabulous sights.

Available on: Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Microsoft Windows

Release date: TBA

Get To The Orange Door

The game’s title is all you need to know. With retro synth blasting in the background, run, slide and dash across the levels at supersonic speed while fighting off enemies hell-bent on stopping you from reaching the orange door. Will definitely remind you of the frantic action of the Titanfall series.

Available on: Microsoft Windows (Steam – Early Access)


Ever wanted to play in a comic book come to life? Look no further: Liberated is here! You take on the authority in this perennial-night rain-soaked dystopia. With comic panels seamlessly merging with the taut side-scrolling action-adventure gameplay, you assume multiple perspectives to fight the technology that tries to take control over every aspect of your Black Mirror-present life.

Available on: Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows

Release date: Q2 2020


The Divided States Of America – this vibrant post-infodemic dystopia is the setting for Dustborn. Accompanied by a motley crew of misfits with superpowers, you set off on this travel adventure to transport a mysterious package. On the road, you fight and evade the factions Puritans and Justice, while discovering hope, falling in love, and forging friendships.

Available on: Microsoft Windows

Release date: 2021


Inspired by the funny doodles of medieval monks, this game brings the artstyle to life in the form of a turn-based strategy game. You use ‘living ink’ to command your animal army to victory in the pages of books. Yes, you will have to see it to believe it – this game recently smashed through 200% funding on Kickstarter and made a huge splash on Youtube with its unique sense of humour!

Available on: Microsoft Windows

Release date: 2021

That’s our list guys. What are your favorite discoveries from the Future Games Show? Tell us in the comments below.

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