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Gamescom 2022

Gamescom had 2 hours of non-stop world premieres with games of every genre and audience for it. With Geoff Keighley as the host, the opening night was set to be one for the books. And just in case you missed some parts, or forgot the names of the game you want to pick, we have you covered. Following are every single game premiered at Gamescom 2022.

1. Everywhere

Open World. Your Story, your way. 

2. Dune Awakening

From Novel to Big Screens to Games! A brand new MMO!

3. DualSense Edge Controller

Your Edge of Controllers, High Performance, Extra Buttons and Customizable Sticks.

4. Callisto Protocol

We’re being honest. Here’s another gameplay footage of someone playing on a controller for the first time.

5. The Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen Sequel with a “The”. 

6. Moving Out 2

Couch Co-Op Alert! Coming out in 2023, Move Out like never before.

7. Hogwarts Legacy

All Set to launch in February 2023, discover a brand new trailer that shows glimpses of the dark magic “Crucio”

8. New Tales from the Borderlands

Yes, the ‘New’ is the part of the title. 

9. Dying Light 2 Stay Human- Bloody Ties

Take the path to glory in Dying Light 2’s first DLC.

10. Marauders

The closed-beta hits soon! 


11. Destiny 2: Lightfall

Never seen before visuals! And an unforgettable campaign. 

12. Sonic Frontiers

The most visually advanced Sonic Game yet. 

13. Under the Waves

Experience the depths of the North Sea like never before. 

14. Return to Monkey Island

A Return to the Legendary Monkey Island Series.

15. Moonbreaker

Absolutely Unique, and an open canvas to people with artistic skills.

16. Friends vs Friends

FPS Shooter along with Card abilities with a unique Art style, Topped with a brilliant Title.

17. Lies of P

Solve mysteries and disasters that happened in the city of Krat. Play as Pinocchio in this brand new action-RPG, all set to release in 2023.

18. Stranded: Alien Dawn

Plot Twist between the CGI and Gameplay. 

19. Atlas Fallen

Coming soon in 2023, this is a fight between the gods and humanity. 

20. Homeworld 3

The GOTY-winning title is getting a sequel, and it looks absolutely stunning.

21. Genshin Impact 3.0 Sumeru Gameplay

More Genshin. Much Sumeru.

22. Honkai: Star Rail

Absolutely Dreamy, Pre-Registrations are now Live

23. High on Life

Boss Fight! Bad Mouthing Weaponry! GOTY?

24. The Expanse

The Expanse: A Telltale Series.

25. Killer Klowns from Outer Space: The Game

Micheal De Santa’s worse nightmare, coming to your nearest gaming machines soon.

26. Scars Above

Potentially the best blend of Shooting and Exploration.

27. Wyrdsong

From the creators of – Fallout, Elder Scrolls V, Dragon Age, and The Outer Worlds. Presenting the highly ambitious ‘Wyrdsong’.

28. Age of Empires 4 – Malians and Ottomans

2 New Civilizations joining right on time for the Anniversary of Age of Empires IV

29. Gotham Knights

What’s New? Well, they preponed the game. 


30. Where Winds Meet

Google Identifies this game as Sekiro in some videos.

31. Brain Structure – A Hideo Kojima Podcast by Spotify

Kojima-San comes in for the clutch. 


32. Park Beyond

Create the best Amusement Park that you always wanted to go to.

33. Pokemon Concept Car

People with money saw a Tesla and wanted to play games instead of watching Netflix. But how will it sell? Easy, get ‘Pikachu’ as a Mascot. Additionally, they didn’t hesitate to say since it’s an electric car, Pikachu as a mascot makes sense.


34. Warhammer 40,000: Darktide

The gameplay video came out a year ago, but here you go anyway.

35. Blacktail

Become a witch. A good one or bad, that’s on you.

36. Phantom Hellcat

Definitely caught our eyes! Play as Jolene in this Hack-n-Slash game set in a cursed Theatre.

37. Crossfire Babylon

It’s already LIVE and people are already complaining.


38. Dorfromantik

The simply mindblowing, relaxing and peaceful puzzle game is making its way on the Nintendo Switch.

39. The Outlast Trials

The closed beta dates are right around the corner. Go in solo or with up to 4 friends.

40. Dead Island 2

8 years ago, we started waiting, and the wait is finally over. 

And that’s it, folks, all the Gamescom 2022 Opening Night title reveals in one article.

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