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Developer Motion Twin’s rogue-lite, Metroidvania inspired action-platformer Dead Cells sure seems to be the gift that keeps on giving. While the title has been out for about 2 years now – and almost a year before that in Early Access – Evil Empire Studio, a subsidiary-of-sorts of Motion Twin have kept themselves busy regularly releasing patches, tweaking the game to perfection. 

In the latest major update, several weapons have been reworked, nerfed or buffed, and crossbows have notably been made two-handed. In addition, gold scaling has now been removed, and a good amount of items have had their prices changed. DoT (Damage over Time) status effects as well as mutations have also been reworked.

A lot of other things have been meticulously refined as well, so check out the full patch notes if you want to delve into it. They’re way too long to be included here in full.

The consistent long-term dev support for the game is pretty damn cool and admirable, so kudos to Motion Twin and Evil Empire. A lot of the changes done in this patch were suggested by the active Dead Cells community itself, so rest assured, fans of the game haven’t been abandoned.

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