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After what seems like an unceremonious departure from Team Signify, Agneya ‘marzil’ Koushik was spotted playing the ESL One Cologne Asian qualifiers as a part of a mixed team called Tempus Troupe. marzil had taken to Facebook to mention that he would not be playing as Signify’s CSGO team. While he did not clearly talk about his departure, he did mention that he had no “further details at this point” to share.

                        Tempus Troupe was a mixed team who took on Signify itself, where Signify won by a narrow margin of 16-14 on Train. marzil himself was the leader of the team.

Tempus Troupe’s lineup consisted of :-

  • Agneya ‘marzil’ Koushik

  • Francisco ‘escudo’ Meneses

  • Rafael ‘Raph’ Marcal

  • Jayanth ‘skillZ’ Ramesh

  • Ganesh ‘SKRossi’ Rossi

                                                                  No details could be obtained about Cong ‘crazyguy’ Anh, who was replaced by Marcel ‘impulsG’ de Matteis. It is probable that he left the team on his own accord.

Thanks, AFKGaming.

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