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It’s practically the end of the year now and for our last foray of the year we thought that we  should do something different (It’s not like we don’t make New Year resolutions). Reviews, trailers, tips and editorials galore, we wanted to do something that has not been done at IndianNoob before. How about a visit to one of our compatriots? Good idea.. but which one? How about the guys at Cezor, you know the ones who are into PC modding and stuff? Great idea. Let’s have a chat with them.

The Darth PCious. #awesomegamingmess

Up until now, for most of our readers, Cezor has just been a hardware company which is making custom built PCs available to the Indian market. We met them at IGX and recently ran into them yet again, at the Mumbai Film Festival & Comic Con. They turned out to be a nice bunch of gamers and we thought that you should get to know about them too. So I (Pratyush) packed my bags, booked my tickets and arrived at their office. I was warmly welcomed by Mr. Bilal Moolji and Mr. Oais Halim, the founders of the company. Below is a short bio of both of them:

Mr. Bilal Moolji


A geeky tech enthusiast who keeps tinkering with technology and loves cosplaying. Gaming is one of his main interests and his creative side can be seen in the fact that he is a Graphics Designer. His other interests include singing and song-writing, photography, cycling, and a drive to always create something new







Mr. Oais Halim


He loves music and has the same passion in composing music for video games. Gaming is another hobby of his, especially inclining towards sprawling open world games. A tech geek who adds an adventurous side to his geekiness through hobbies such as cooking, travelling and adventure sports.







The first thing that caught my eye was the mess lying around in their workshop area. It was clear they had been upto something awesome in the past few weeks- Spraypaints, cut out acrylic boards and a lot of tools were lying around. Turns out they were working on a case for Vanishing Point studios. The mystery of the mess solved, we got to talking about lots of stuff- Games, hardware, peripherals, brands, technical know-how. Coincidentally all of us shared a love for great intense storylines in games, with an affinity towards the sprawling open world settings.

During the conversation I inquired about various aspects of building a PC and came to know many things like- when do we call a game processor intensive and when we call a game graphic intensive, how do SLi and Crossfire configurations work, how the wiring should be done in a PC etc.

Anyone can assemble PCs and make it available to the market, but we want the customers to feel satisfied and want them them to have an emotional attachment to their machine.

I also asked them about how they were going to approach their customers and got a very unconventional reply. They are going to be asking their customers about what they want to buy and what they want to have. They stated that “Anyone can assemble PCs and make it available to the market, but we want the customers to feel satisfied and want them them to have an emotional attachment to their machine.” When asked how they will achieve that, they commented, “As times change, our favorites change. One day you are a fan of Batman, the other day you are a fan of Rico or whoever the next trendsetter is (Its not like we don’t have a permanent idol, no one can be a temporary Batman fan). For that we have switchable side panels to reflect your latest indulgence. We will also be adding other such tid-bits to rigs; bringing the ‘P’ in PC.”

PC modding is not their final and absolute goal either. They plan to expand and design game lobbies for various cafes etc according to the games being played there. For now however Cezor were excited to show off their custom builds, and I was excited to try them out. We spent the rest of the evening benchmarking various games and cracking half-bad jokes.If you are into that kind of thing check out the Part 2 of our Cezor visit.

If you think they are your kind of guys, give them a shout out on Twitter and FB or check out their website. If you do that however, please let them know that we sent you. Happy hunting.

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