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In conversation with Bhanu Pratap Bhol :: The mind behind Reaper Shop

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Reaper Shop India is an India based online game store, electronics and cosmetic (in game items) shopping website offering a large array of electronic products, in-game items, games and online gaming accessories at an amazingly low prices.

These are the first lines to greet you when you land onto the ‘About Us’ page for Reaper Shop. But how was a store that offers multiple payment options, delivers across the country and offers the cheapest prices on the internet conceived?

To find out, and more, we decided to get in touch with Bhanu Pratap Bhol, the guy behind Reaper Shop and held him at gunpoint to answer some questions for us.

Bhanu Pratap Bhol, the owner of Reapershop, Reaperskins, and Reaperpay.




So to start with, you’re a successful gaming-related entrepreneur and became one at a very young age. Give us your secret.

Well, secrets are not meant to be said but honestly I started it as a part time + hobby kinda thing but it turned out one of the best decision of my life and that’s how Reaper Shop became the first successful digital game store in India.

Tell us some of the hardships you faced in setting up a venture in what most consider a very niche hobby.

Biggest difficulty was to encourage gamers to buy legit games rather than just pirating.
There are 2 biggest excuse which some gamers use these days

  1. The game is very overpriced!
  2. The game has very bad PC port!

If its overpriced then wait and buy during sale and if the game is poorly made then why play at all? That doesn’t justify stealing.

People can save for months and then get the game as games are announced months and years before release today.

The various payment options available to users on Reaper Shop

How did you come across this idea of Reaper Shop?

Started as an individual seller and then I thought to make a website to sell for which Vikas my developer helped me a lot that too for free since at that time I didn’t have much money to invest and I started this business with only 10-15k investment.

What does gaming mean to you as a medium? As a personal gamer, are you more inclined towards it artistically or just a medium of entertainment?

Artistically or just a medium of entertainment?  I’ll say both! I still remember those days when I used to go cafe to play Mortal Kombat and GTA Vice City!

The first game I played was Road Rash and my 2nd favorite game was Delta Force.

Give us your frank opinions on the gaming scene in India, and its’ current state.

Gaming scene in India is growing very fast and I don’t think I imagined so much growth in short period of time.

In terms of game games sales in India I’ve seen many people who used to pirate are now saving to buy games which makes me really happy.

When it comes to Reaper Shop, what is your ultimate vision?

Just like the Indian Gaming Scene (sic) We’re growing very fast as well. After Reaper Shop I thought to give it a try into CS Go and Dota 2 item store which is . To be really honest I started it thinking it’ll do average and few told me currently item market is not so good so its going to be bad investment so I launched it as a beta version and It is going way better than I expected so we’re working on making it much better + it’ll be a market place for sellers as well.

A look at what is offered at Reaper Skins

Then we stepped into hardware business and currently Reaper Shop is the distributor of 6 different brands in India + more to come.

Currently we’re working on something big which we’ll reveal when time comes and no its not related to gaming or hardware!

Leave some words of wisdom for similar aspiring entrepreneurs. Give them comfort as they work hard to realizing their vision.

Just do what you like and make sure you give your 100%. Let the haters criticize you and use the same criticism to push yourself to the top. I’ve many haters and said I’ll fail but right now I’m pretty much having better life than I was. I did well dispite of being a dropout.

If you haven’t already checked out Reaper Shop you can visit the link below and check out their store. If you are looking for Reaper Skin the link is below too. If social media is what you are looking for, we have you covered there too.

Reaper Shop || Reaper Skin || Facebook || Twitter

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