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In the ever-evolving world of the video gaming culture. Tacnik are the new guys with a classical idea. Remember the old days when you didn’t have enough money to spend on video games or comic books, so you rented them instead. Well Tacnik does the same thing, but with Playstation 3 & Playstation 4. If you are in Bangalore and have a gaming itch, Tacnik will home deliver the console, and a LED TV to your house, set it up for you and then wrap it up and take it back, once you are done. All this starting with Rs. 399 per day. Pretty decent model if you ask me.

Intrigued by their hi-tech twist on the classical idea, we wanted to know more about Tacnik and the people behind it. Our people got in touch with their people, and well things moved along pretty well from there. Excerpts from the conversation below:

Tell us about the people behind Tacnik? How many of you are in the team?

Tacnik was founded by 4 NIT Trichy Alumni viz.  Mayank, Purnank, Ishant and Jeevan. The bond of a 6 year long friendship, our love for videogames and technology in general coupled with our ambitions got us together again after college to start our own venture and hence Tacnik was conceived. Over time, the team started growing and now Tacnik rests on ten strong shoulders that include two developers, a marketing manager, a content developer, a financial caretaker and a graphic designer.

The team of Tacnik
The team of Tacnik

Who came up with the original idea and how?

It did not happen overnight and was more of a gradual iterative process. We started with looking to rent out Tablets with internet access in rural areas but that turned out to be impractical. We want India to become a ‘technically savvy’ nation, so later we thought of renting out all of the latest gadgets to the urban youth, but since we are bootstrapped we wanted to start with just one gadget. And since video-games are utterly close to our hearts we thought, “why don’t we start with PlayStations?” Rest is history.

Tacnik bringing PS4 to schools
Tacnik bringing PS4 to schools

Why did you choose Bangalore as the start of your idea?

After college our jobs got us to Bangalore. And woaahhh, we simply fell in love with this city. The weather, the crowd, the energy everything is simply amazing about Bangalore (except the traffic of course haha). Moreover, with large number of schools and colleges, and being the silicon valley of India which makes it the hub young professionals, the city has a lot to offer. We want to exploit all of that and disrupt this untapped market.

Does Tacnik plan to expand to any other cities?

Ohh yes, definitely! Once we set up a strong foundation and establish ourselves as a brand here, we would start exploring opportunities that lie beyond this city.

Tacnik at IISC Pravega
Tacnik at IISC Pravega

What future plans do the team of Tacnik have? Anything to look forward to?

Tacnik is the start of everything cool that is going to happen to this country. We have started with Playstations and their games. We are still in the process of building or creating, if I may say, a platform which offers everything cool that the world has to offer like Drones, Smart Gear, Robots (fingers crossed :P). But in the near future, we hope to add Xbox soon in our offerings and later this year we plan to rent out VRs.

Personally what video games are close to your hearts? Any games which you play in the office among each other?

Jeevan likes to play RPGs, while to rest of us are crazy about multi-player games only. The reason is the adrenaline rush, the satisfaction of winning and the joy of the ‘look on loser’s face’. We used to play Counter Strike 1.6, occasionally we played WWE and Blur, but FIFA is our favorite hands down. Sometimes, we even take time in our office to take a break play FIFA when feeling weary.

Tacnik organizing various events in Bangalore
Tacnik organizing various events in Bangalore

How difficult was it to set up a business based on video games, an area which is not looked upon as very profitable.

Passion and the fact that it is a neglected market actually made it more interesting. Talk about difficulty, it reminds me of a quote, “There is no alternative to hard work”. At least we get to put in the hard work around what we love the most. In fact, the chance to see ‘behind the scenes’ of something that has been an integral part of our life is really intriguing.

Tacnik Official Website || Tacnik on Facebook || Tacnik on Instagram

You can reach out to Tacnik and know more about them by using the links above. Please feel free to let your friends in Bangalore know of this awesome new service. Also if you have any questions, there is a comment box below this post somewhere.

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