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Alien H casting calls itself and we quote, “[sic] First and the Biggest community of Casters in India. Alien h brought Hindi Casting into existence and are working to spread awareness about e-sports in India”.

Big claims we know, so we decided to get in touch with the mind behind Alien H, and pick his brains. Preet Arora is a busy man, but we got hold of him, sat him down on gunpoint, and asked him some questions, which he answered after we threatened to get his account VAC banned.


Let us get to know you a bit better. Give our readers a brief summary of yourself and why it is that you do what you do.

I am just another engineering student who is trying his luck at making gaming as his full-time job! I still remember the first time I played counter Strike at my cousin’s place and that was when it all began. I want to be a community leader not for myself, but for the unheard voice of the seamless gaming potential that our country has to exhibit yet. Through Alien-h, much of this has been possible and we are yet striving for more!

Give us some anecdotes about what skillset is required to be a great streamer, how can the still-young Indian crowd achieve it and most importantly, how you developed it.

A great chef isn’t someone who just presents you with the dish, but rather walks you through the whole process of conjuring it making it look easy! The story of a streamer is just the same. One has to have above average gameplay, coupled with insane conversational skills; Not to forget, a colossal sense of humour as well. An extrovert with the most bizarre imagination is the ideal candidate for the job I would say. No wonder streamers like Shroud and DR Disrespect boast a huge fan base due to their eccentric and entertaining portrayal of themselves. I have yet to develop the perfect profile as a streamer and it shall come, in due time, with continued efforts and the priceless gift of experience.

As manager of Alien H and Gamefox.in ,tell us about how you were able to carve out a successful career in the Indian games industry and where you hope to eventually end up (aka your ultimate ambition)?

As a part of Alien-h, we got in touch with ambitious streamers and casters and gave them a platform to showcase their skills. We established a standard for Hindi casting and covered some major international tournaments like MLG Columbus, Blast Pro Series etc. We started off with our DOTA 2 division by exclusively shoutcasting events like The All India DOTA 2 Championships and Conquerors Insignia. Gamefox.in is focused on bringing goods at reasonable prices for the Indian gaming community. It is still under the development stage so much cannot be disclosed at the moment. Finally, I want to see my country at the epitome of power and fame in e-sports(selfish but strong words), and I want to be there at the top supporting it when they make it there!

Your Facebook bio describes you as a ‘passionate person’.  Elucidate us with some of the passion you feel about video games, or any other passions that you may have.

Video games always had a strong affinity with me. I have played games like Roller Coaster Tycoon, Age of Empires 2, Bully and immersed in them completely almost to the point of no return! I have spent countless hours of my life trying my best to rank #1 in NFS, Road Rash, Forza; So yes, explored almost all genres before finally sticking to CSGO for good. I am also very interested in the field of cybersecurity, and I am actively pursuing the same after my graduation. I hope to become a network security professional in the near future.

Throughout your journey, were you ever pressured to switch careers since it’s still a niche, kind of stigmatic market in India?

I am neither optimistic nor pessimistic about the future, but as of now, I want to remain silent and let success make all the noise.

What sort of gaming related careers do you think youngsters can approach, now that social acceptance for the same is slowly increasing?

That would be highly subjective to the video game in question. Games like CSGO, I see nothing but the players with the trending weapon names, no emotions for the backstory or graphics. But games like the Witcher 3, God of War, Battlefield, I like to follow the emotion and character development very closely because it speaks volumes to me. So single player games, yes, they do appeal to me on an artistic level, but  Multiplayer games, MMORPGs, MOBA, I prefer to follow the trend and the community.

Lastly, leave a few encouraging words of wisdom for some of our younger, passionate and ambitious readers, who may feel the same way you did at their age.

First off, I would encourage anyone and everyone with a decent amount of skill and dedication to actively pursue being an esports athlete, but many more options are daunting and open as well. One could be a part of production and design, on-site management team, public relations, sponsors team, shoutcaster(duh), analyst, social media team, the opportunities are endless. Basically, the entire event management team in gaming is up for grabs for anyone with an inclination for gaming and management. I would like to say that go forth and do your thing, never look back. Get, set and game on!

If you haven’t already heard of Alien-H Casting, or Preet Arora, you can find more about him using the links below. Also if there is anything you would like to say, we would love to know more in the comments.

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