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GamerConnect by definition is an event where you can connect with other gamers. One such gamer and streamer that we had a chance to meet at the event in Kolkata was Subhajit Deb, better known as Nerd Gaming, An Indian YouTuber who has almost 200K subscribers. We got a chance to talk to him at the event, and later over emails and discussed his career, his ambition, his opinion of the times, his future goals, and his journey so far.


IN: In your own words, who Is Subhajit Deb?

Subhajit: My name is Subhajit Deb, better known as NERD Gaming. I stream on youtube and I am doing it professionally now. Streaming, for me is a way to connect with different kinds of people. Its an escape from reality for me.

IN: I have always had a tough time taking comments while playing. How do you do it?

I try to read almost every chat and answer them. It definitely hampers my gameplay but in the end, I believe that’s what streaming is all about, to be able to connect with your viewers at a personal level so that they come back, no matter what game you are playing.

IN: If you had to change 2 things about the current state of Indian Gaming what will it be?

It’s the mindset of the people, especially from the older generation who still cannot accept that this can be a profession. Also, in India, viewers think streaming is equal to only pro gameplays. They don’t understand that streaming is not just about gameplay, it’s about interaction with the streamer as well. I don’t see people spamming noob, etc in chats of foreign streamers but it happens in India a lot.

No matter how good you play, you make one mistake and these people start spamming the chat with slangs and all other things. These things need to stop. The third fact is that with PUBG mobile, emulator, pc, etc, some people have started creating an issue out of these just to grow their own channels. They keep spreading hate towards one another. That’s not how we can grow this community and industry.

IN: Throughout your journey, were you ever pressured to switch careers since it’s still a niche, kind of stigmatic market in India?

Yes, I feel that every day that I should give up and start looking for jobs instead. There is still no security in streaming as of yet. But I just can’t give it up, I keep coming back to streaming the next day.

IN: How exactly would you define “success” in the streaming sphere? Would more views and more comments in the live chat mean more to you than donations and subscriptions?

“Success” for me, in streaming, is definitely the support of the viewers. No matter what game you play, if you get a good amount of viewers in that, is what success is for me. Donations come second, cause initially, that is the only source of income for a streamer until some brands start noticing you.

IN: Marketing and reach are very important factors for streamers. How do you think Indian streamers should approach the same?

Since this is still a niche, most of us don’t even know our value. Marketing yourself in front of different brands is something even I am still learning. The best way to connect is through different events. I myself learned a lot from the recent GamerConnect event in Kolkata. I feel like that is one of the best places to get to know a lot of brands and the people working with the brands. Such events will definitely encourage a lot of streamers to not give up and keep working on their dreams.

IN: Do videogames appeal more to you as a form of mass entertainment (mostly ones with competitive multiplayer) or are you interested in the artistic/narrative potential of them as well?

I have always been more interested in competitive multiplayer games. But games with a good storyline is definitely a yes from me.

IN: Give us some anecdotes about what skill set is required to be a great streamer, how can the still-young Indian crowd achieve it and most importantly, developed it.

I consider myself to be introvert, but for streaming, you just can’t start the stream, play the game and not talk at all. It just started coming naturally to me. I realized that I can talk a lot actually. And I think that is a very important aspect of streaming is that you must interact a lot with your viewers. Make them feel good on your stream. A lot of people watch the stream to reboot their mind after a long day of work and all. They will keep returning and your stream will start growing gradually.

IN: Lastly, leave a few encouraging words of wisdom for some of our younger, passionate and ambitious readers, who may feel the same way you did at their age.

Giving up is easy, but staying strong and fighting the world to do what you love is rewarding. It may take time, but it will be worth it.

  1. Honest and genuine guy.. Finally his hardwork has started to pay off .. Many more achievements to come.. Lets go 🔥🙌

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