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Controllers are the most integral part of any gaming adventure. But jumping from platform to platform to play games released on different platforms causes a severe problem – Having multiple controllers and layouts.

This is where the GameSir T4 Kaleid comes in. This Controller is the mark of premium gaming, backed by notable features, including – Transparent Design, Kaleidoscopic Lighting, Dual Rumble Motors, 2 Macro Keys, Precision triggers and much more. But more importantly, it is supported by – Nintendo Switch, Android Box, and Windows.

The Design of Class and Trend

The Gamesir T4 Kaleid is a premium controller with a design that looks delicate but, in reality, is solid and durable. Even after rigorous testing, the buttons do not show any signs of displacement or issues.

Talking about the most attractive feature – The Kaleidoscopic Lighting is undoubtedly our favourite feature of the Controller. Many controllers try to inhibit the lighting quality, but what Gamesir does here is a game-changer. Using the transparent design, they could install the light in any part of the Controller and go beyond the classic RGB style. The smooth pattern is enough to make the Controller stand out in your eyes, but at the same time is equally balanced. The lighting will not be sharp enough to be distracting in a dark room, but at the same time will provide a soothing ambient lighting effect.

The Controller has a textured design towards its grips, making it easier to hold the Controller during fast-paced inputs. The texture is very detailed, keeping the Controller’s beautiful design intact.

Additionally, the Controller has a wired braided cable and velcro for more accessible storage after each session. The type-C cable to USB allows effortless connectivity and no input lag between the Controller and the game.

Taking a closer look at the Controller, the logic board has a premium gold and black design, which shines under the reflection of light, giving the Controller a remarkable impression at first look. The triggers also have a curved and waved design that matches the overall look of the Controller and is also made with durable quality.

Packed with All Modern Features

Customizing your Controller is a requirement in this generation. For competitive players, having to choose how your controller works is the most essential feature of any controller. The T4 Kaleid offer two macro buttons that perfectly place at the back of the grips, which can be easily accessed while holding the Controller. The triggers can also be changed between modes to suit your gaming styles perfectly. If you’re playing a racing game, the precision-tuned trigger will adapt to how much the trigger is pressed. And for the competitive and fast paces games, the feather mode will allow instant response as soon as the trigger is pressed.

Gamesir T4 Kaleid Wired

You can also manually set Turbo/Macro option to all buttons and triggers of the Controller. But go beyond and customize your Controller in detail; you can also download the Gamesir T4K App.

The Gamesir T4K App allows effortless customization that is also saved, so you don’t need to change it every time. In the App, you can customize the button mapping and quickly swap the A & B or X & Y keys to suit a better playing style for Switch.

You can customize the lighting effects and even turn everything off if you want a focused environment. Using the 16.8 Million colours available in the lighting options, you can ideally choose the colour patterns that match your room or mood.

Unlike many other budget controllers, the T4 Kaleid tops everything off with the Motion Controller feature built in the Controller. Now you can perfectly hit all the Arrows in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom.


The Gamesir T4 Kaleid Wired RGB Controller is one of the best and most impressive controllers on the market. Unlike the first-party controllers that are mostly restricted to working on other platforms, this versatile and effortless Controller packs all the features and works across multiple platforms while having the most attractive lighting feature in the market.

The motion control, High-intensity rumble and in-depth customization add to the product’s overall value. Thus if you’re looking for a controller that gives you features and at the same time does not burn a hole in your pocket, we highly recommend the GameSir T4 Kaleid.

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