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343 Industries confirms, that Halo Infinite is the last sequel and no more sequels will be made for the series for the next decade.

The important point to notice here is that Chris Lee said in a recent interview with IGN that Halo will not receive any further traditional sequels. Instead, Halo Infinite will be expanded with time, with the help of community feedback- think of it similar to a service game. Therefore don’t expect any Halo Infinite Sequel like Halo 7 or Halo Infinite 2 at least for a decade.

In short, more content will be added to Halo Infinite over the decade. Before you start speculating that Halo Infinite is the new Destiny 2; It is not. The studio has confirmed that for the next decade a proper Halo experience will be granted to the players through the game. According to Chris Lee, instead of the numbered titles, the developers want to work on this game and add all the upcoming story content indirectly to the game along with everything else planned that is planned.

Support for Ray Tracing as an update has already been confirmed to be delivered for free in the upcoming future.

Also, check out the upcoming title in the Fable series announced during the Xbox Game Showcase. 

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