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So if you own both a PS4 and the PS Plus service in July, you can/will download 4 free games this month. Yeah so lets not waste time and get right into it.


The current gen headliner console from Sony will be getting a total of 4 games this month.


Styx : Master Of Shadows

First up is the genuine AAA offering. In Styx, you play as the goblin Styx as he executes various thefts and missions, with stealth mode on all the way. Its like Thief, but Styx is even more highly dependent on stealth than the thief in well… Thief. The story takes place long before the events shown in Of Orcs and Men. Styx, the first Goblin, wants to steal the heart of a World-Tree, enclosed inside the huge and terrifying Tower of Akenash. It is a kind of Bildungsroman that leads Styx to a better understanding of his own origins. So yeah have fun with that.


Rocket League

Rocket League offers both offline and online multiplayer options as you play the game. What’s the game about, well I am glad you asked. You see there are 2 teams, both in rocket powered cars one in red and another in blue. Both teams are trying to shoot a giant football into his opponent’s goal. The team who scored the most goals win. Simple and rocket fueled, Rocket league is fun for excellent couch banter.



Also available for PS3 and PS Vita. Mousecraft is an interesting game in which a crazy cat scientist helps mouse reach the end of the maze and retrieve cheese. Yeah I know it sounds crazy, but I would rather see it happening in game, than in real life.



Once again available for both PS3 and PS Vita. Entwined was one of the launch titles shown at the now legendary Sony conference a E3 2013. Entwined is psychedelic racer where 2 entities a bird and a fish try to consummate their love for each other, and finally create a dragon. Its origami meets disco lights and its beautiful.


With 2 cross over games available across all 3 Sony platforms. PS3 will only be receiving the 1 free game exclusive to the platform this month.



Rain is a puzzle platformer with an interesting twist. The story follows a boy who is trying to follow and help a girl, who is only visible in rain. Yeah, it one of those games which take you on a feel train right to Feelsville. Play it with a tub of ice cream next to you. You have been warned.

PSP Vita:

Finally coming to the final platform offered by Sony. The PSP just like PS3 has only 1 platform exclusive to offer this month.


Geometry Wars Dimensions Evolved

Like the name say, Geometry Wars has you fighting various geometry shapes. Think Rasogun with even more bling, and you would be on the right track. This side scroller shooter is homage to the classic shooter scroller, and is guaranteed to be fun.


Like every PS Plus offering, July offers a mix of AAA games with lots of indie titles thrown in. I like that because it lets and ecourages you to try out games, which I would not buy normally from the store. As is the case, each of these games will be available for download from the second tuesday of July 2015 (which happens to be the 7th Of July). The games will then be available for download, until they are replaced by the next batch of free games.

What do you think of this month’s offering. How do they stack up against Assassin’s Creed 4 and Gears Of War 3 offered by Microsoft this month. Let us know in the comments.

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