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Blizzard Announces New Commemorative Pack for Starcraft 2 to Honor Deceased Youtuber TotalBiscuit

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Blizzard, in honor of deceased Youtuber John ‘TotalBiscuit’ Bain, has announced a new Announcer Pack in the voice of the mighty TotalBiscuit himself. The bundle includes some cosmetics usable in Starcraft 2, including portraits and icons.

All funds from purchases of the bundle will go directly to the Bain family, to support Genna and their son Orion. Blizzard also announced that all purchases of the TotalBiscuit announcer pack, introduced to the store last year, will be going directly to support the family (retroactively all purchases of the TotalBiscuit announcer pack from April will be donated to the family).

The Bundle will be available as a limited time offer, so its best to get it if you do want to add some chat emotes as well as portraits to your collection, as well as support a legendary Youtuber who helped shaped the game itself.

The official Blizzard announcement reads,”We on the StarCraft II team have always been grateful for the intense passion and support we receive from all of you in the community. We’re fortunate to serve a group of amazing players, many of whom have continued to play our game for eight years running. As many of you know, John “TotalBiscuit” Bain was one of StarCraft II’s strongest supporters. He and his wife Genna were early advocates for the game, and they created and managed the StarCraft II professional team Axiom. Their shared passion for StarCraft II and the StarCraft II community resulted in the organization of major professional tournaments, including World Championship Series events and SHOUTcraft Kings, along with countless talk show episodes and appearances dedicated to the game.”


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