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Bioware has announced that their upcoming shared-world action game Anthem has entered the Alpha phase of development, meaning that the game is fully functional from start to finish. The team will now move almost entirely to bug-fixing, testing, and tuning in order to polish its title and have it ready for its February 22nd release.

As Bioware’s Casey Hudson said:

“The team has been working incredibly hard to reach Alpha, and considering the complexity and scale of a game like Anthem, hitting this milestone on time is a tremendous achievement. So what’s next? Now that all the important pieces are in the game, we can move almost entirely to bug-fixing, testing, and tuning – which will be an incredible amount of work on a game this big. We have some really ambitious plans for launch and beyond, and we really want to get it right. We will have news soon about when you can learn more about Anthem and try it out yourself.”

According to the developers, a demo will be released on February 1st 2019, prior to the game’s official release. However, the catch is that this will only be available to those who have pre-ordered the game or EA Access members.

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