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Anthem Demo To Be Released On February 1st, Only Applicable To Pre-Orders And EA Access Members

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Bioware and Electronic Arts is constantly releasing plethora of new information regarding their upcoming shared world adventure, Anthem. According to the developers, a demo will be released on February 1st 2019, prior to the game’s official release. However, the catch is that this will only be available to those who have pre-ordered the game or EA Access members. Anthem lead producer Mike Gamble went on to explain what the demo is all about:

“The demo is a demo. It’s not a tech test, it’s not a beta that comes out three weeks before the game where ‘your feedback’ – like, no, it’s ‘this is the game and we hope you love it,’ and at that point that’s really what we’re showing.”

In related news, Anthem won’t allow trading between players when the game launches. Bioware is uncertain whether to add them at a later point, or not due to balancing issues.

If you ask us, Anthem definitely is in bit of an identity crisis and only time will tell if the game resuscitates Bioware to their glory days.

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