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If your days cursing druid and priest’s continued domination of the meta aren’t over, be prepared for new events that consume more of your time that you can spend grinding on the ladder and building a better collection, but are forced to move into casual mode instead. Oktoberbrawl is here, and if you’re a Twitch Prime member, you’ve reason to rejoice, for you get to add two decent card backs to the collection, to show the opponent how poor they are.

That’s not the only catch. In Oktoberbrawl, the two card backs represent two teams, the Team of Void, with streamers ThijsNL, Dog and J4CKIECHAN, and the Team of Light, comprising of streamers Kripparian, Reynad, and Alliestrasza. All of the streamers have to open a completely new account, and they cannot purchase any packs using money, and all games that are played on these accounts have to be on stream. No Arena is allowed for them either, so gold farming using Arena is out of the question! (unless its the first free Arena run, which is allowed) The famous 80 gold quest that rewards both the player and their opponent from their friend list can only be completed with fellow team members! (the new player experience without spending money is really horrible in Hearthstone, unless you’re tremendously lucky in pack pulls. Maybe this is a social experiment by Blizzard to determine how long free-to-play users  need to build a decent collection?)

People may be wondering, “Where’s my cut in this?” You’re supposed to don the robes of either Light or Void, and every victory you earn in standard, wild or arena, you get a pack for your team’s players. Packs are counted every Wednesday, so make sure your effort counts! Every victory counts, and your team is counting on you! Every Wednesday, the teams face off against one another, so watch their journey as they build better decks in each week, and try to destroy one another in the most comical way possible in the days leading to Twitchcon!

If you’re not subscribed to Twitch Prime, make sure to link your Amazon Prime account with your Twitch account to get the two card backs,  a “Special Card Pack” (likely one that guarantees a legendary) and two Classic card packs in the months to come.

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