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THQ Nordic officially debuted its upcoming post-apocalyptic kung-fu fable action RPG game, Biomutant, starring a raccoon-cat hybrid protagonist accompanied by his grasshopper friend. Biomutant is being developed by newly-formed Stockholm, Sweden-based studio Experiment 101 lead by former Just Cause creative director and one of Mad Max developers, Stefan Ljungquist.

Initially, THQ Nordic only released a CGI animated trailer of the game (above), but now we have a fully-fledged 11 minutes of gameplay walkthrough of Biomutant showing lots of in-game elements like different enemy types, open-world environments, some in-game characters, skills, combat and what not.

Watch the gameplay trailer below (courtesy of IGN):

Firstly, let’s talk about the game in detail.

Biomutant is a third-person action-adventure game, duh. In it, players can change their character’s abilities, appearance, weapons and even gender. At the start of the game, you have multiple options, like choosing the protagonist’s gender, body type via an option called “Initial mutation”, which can change your body type resulting in how fast or slow your character will move during the game, you can also choose your fur style as you can see in the above gameplay trailer.

You can grow claws, acquire wings, attach a robotic leg or can make you character look total badass as in the announcement trailer. But, keep in mind, the way you edit and customise your character will impact your gameplay, abilities and also results in how your player character will react in real-time combats. You can also craft your melee and ranged weapons which effects your weapon’s range, power and sorts.

Apparently, the one thing that seems pretty cool to me is when you’re finished customising your character you are ready to go without even the loading screen popping out.

The game is said to have six different tribes, while some of them are showcased in the gameplay video like: Lupa Lupin, the meat eater; Mork, a bio-contaminated creep; Sludge Soaker, a special behavior downer; Rocka-Boom, who throws stuff and more.

As far as the gameplay goes, the protagonist can climb, jump, fly and attack, obviously. You’ll have a pair of weapons like guns and swords from the start of the game. In addition to this, you have some slow-mo actions which trigger randomly while attacking your enemies, and it just looks awesome. It has a bit comic feel to it too. While, the combat shown in the gameplay footage is clumsy and rigid, but as the game is in development they’ll hopefully make it smoother and fluent.

Biomutant reminds me of Horizon Zero Dawn and to some extent of Anthem. The game has beautiful vibrant open-world environments like Horizon Zero Dawn and you also have a customisable mech-suit in-game that looks a lot like the ones we saw in Anthem. You can ride robotic palm that can shots too and can fly using a hot air balloon for long distance travel.

Biomutant is arguably the best game announcement from gamescom. Whereas, there are other games that catches our attention like Shenmue 3, Fe, and Age of Empires 4. But Biomutant stands out from the rest of the games shown at gamescom, in my opinion.

Look at Shenmue 3, the game that wanted us to look at its infamous character models. It has beautiful and sharp visuals but that blocky character design just ruined the pleasure, to be honest. While some of you are okay with it and some of you just don’t, I honestly didn’t like the character design. That Ryo dude didn’t even move a muscle on his face in the whole goddamn trailer.

Now, there are games like Fe, which feels like another Ori and the Blind Forest game with greater scale, and Age of Empires 4, which is announced with a trailer that only shows some transitioning concept arts.

Biomutant, on the other hand, is a fully running game that has our attention with its great looking open-world and funnily voiced characters. It’s also the best game from gamescom because it doesn’t feel to be the same-old RPG games these days, it’s something unique and different.

Tell us what according to you is the best game out of gamescomm. We’re always to hear, in the comments section below.

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