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Without a doubt, the most exciting news for many dedicated gamers across the globe is Nintendo announcing not one, but two METROID games in their upcoming release schedule. Namely, METROID PRIME 4, the next official entry that will continue Samus’ adventures in 3D in the legendary, groundbreaking series and the other, METROID: SAMUS RETURNS, a much-needed and updated remake of METROID 2: RETURN OF SAMUS (for the Gameboy Color) a game that has not only aged poorly but also hasn’t been played by as many people compared to the more famous entries in the series.

This is both great news and a great show of solidarity by Nintendo towards it’s long standing fan base that has been extremely worried about the future of METROID for well…the last decade. After PRIME ended so triumphantly with its’ third and final installment 10 years ago, the future looked for the taking but unfortunately OTHER M happened, a severe miscalculation of the entire METROID ethos that not only put the future of the franchise in jeopardy, it somewhat made fans question whether Nintendo was even in touch with one of their most famous icons. Watching Samus Aran, the ultimate self-reliant, ass-kicking bounty hunter being put through such a lame, SJW pandering cringe-fest of a story-line accompanied by fun but ultimately frivolous gameplay felt the exact opposite of what fans love about both METROID and Samus.

For all us fans, she was always the cooler-than-cool bounty hunter that could wreck shop with the most dangerous the Galaxy had to offer. Now, watching all her mystique slip away in a pander, cringe-worthy storyline felt like a kick in the balls from your best friend. It felt like betrayal.

Years passed and things weren’t looking any better. It’s kind of shocking that all Nintendo could offer in the interim were spinoff titles that were mediocre at best. Why they would ever think that METROID PRIME: HUNTERS and METROID PRIME: PINBALL would ever fit the bill is shocking and the fact that all they could do for the 25th anniversary of METROID was to release the absolutely forgettable METROID PRIME: FEDERATION FORCE felt like a gesture of complete indifference towards the fanbase that made it so famous to begin with.

The seemingly final nail in the coffin came when Nintendo pulled copyright BS to force AM2R , an incredible fan-made Metroid 2 remake and got it off the internet. It was painful to see such strong arm bullying of such a labour of love. Not only was Nintendo never going to try and reconnect with the fanbase again, It was seemingly content to willingly show them a large amount of contempt in return. At this point, it was hard to believe that Nintendo gave even the teeniest bit of crap about METROID or its’ fanbase.

Or so we thought.

E3 2017 finally proved to be the long held vindication of all us METROID nerds. As it turns out, Nintendo was actually up to something all these years. Proof, if anything that you can never count Big N out of anything, they announced not one but two METROID games. Both PRIME 4 and SAMUS RETURNS have the 3D/2D ground covered so fans can’t even bitch about that, this time. They get both.

PRIME 4 looks to continue Samus’ adventures where we last left here (and I’m assuming Sylux is involved) and SAMUS RETURNS seems to revamp METROID 2: RETURN OF SAMUS to modern state. Something that is desperately needed as the original is not only underplayed but borderline unplayable at this point. It’s a core part of the canon and it needs to be preserved. And speaking of canon, does PRIME’s return mean that OTHER M is toast? (We certainly hope so). Possibilities are abound for Metroid and it seems like one of the most exciting times for the franchise in general.

Either way, the Samus Aran we know and love is back. And for modern gamers who haven’t yet experienced the magic of the METROID , it’s a golden opportunity to experience what makes her so special.

And the sheer thought of that makes me giddy.

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