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We are almost coming to the end of 2018, and there is still a whole bunch of highly anticipated and equally promising games on the radar. While 2017 proved to be one of the best years for the gaming industry after almost a decade, 2018 hasn’t disappointed us till now as well. While games like God of war (read our review here) redefined linear storytelling, Marvel’s Spider-man (read our review here) dethroned Arkham games (Not going to start another Arkham City vs Arkham Knight war here, by naming one of the two here) to be the best superhero game ever made. With a number of high budget AAAs still due to release later this year, some smaller indie gems are likely to go under the radar. To make sure these games don’t go unnoticed, and to ensure that our audience has something casual to read every Sunday after undergoing through an existential crisis caused by reading Backlog Burner on Saturday, we decided to venture off the beaten AAA road, and discover some indies.

1.CardLife: Cardboard Survival

If you want to delve into the Survival-Sandbox niche, CardLife: Cardboard Survival might be the game you are looking for. The game is set in a cardboard world, where players are given the freedom to play the single-player mode, host their own server, or play with others in the official dedicated servers. While the sandbox elements ensure that players are able to sculpt the environment and build huge cardboard structures, the survival elements ensure players can draw customisable cardboard shapes to create tools, weapons and a number of other stuff using the unique Connect the Dots crafting system. The developers, Freejam, promise a load of upcoming content via monthly updates, and the game does look promising.

Steam Store Page | Releasing 9th October

2.Edge of Eternity

No conglomerate of games is complete without mentioning an RPG, but don’t get me wrong, Edge of Eternity isn’t here just because it’s an RPG. The game has enough alluring virtues in the form of tactical turn-based combat, an intriguing storyline, awe-striking graphics and a stellar world which earned it a position in this article. Set in Heryon, the game revolves around Daryon’s journey to fight for his country, and eventually find a cure for her mother’s fateful disease. Developed by Midgar Studios and published by Playdius and Play in Digital, Edge of Eternity looks really promising and well worth a buy for JRPG lovers.

Steam Store Page | 29th November 2018

3.Paws and Soul


If you ever wanted to experience Pythagoras’ doctrine of reincarnation in a game, then Paws and Souls might be the game you are looking for. The game is all about the doctrine of rebirth and karma, and revolves around a person who gets reincarnated into a wolf. Explore the world from the perspective of a wolf, discover traces of your past life, and figure out the whole relation between wolves and humans by cracking the secret of reincarnation. The game is developed and published by Electrostalin Entertainment, and boasts a great soundtrack, some stunning visuals and of course, an intriguing theme.

Steam Store Page | Releasing October 2018

4. The Great C

This game is exclusively for people who are looking for a story-rich game in VR. The game is based off a sci-fi short story by the legendary Philip K. Dick and is set in a post-apocalyptic world. The story revolves around Clare, whose fiancé  is forced to go on a ritual pilgrimage by a supercomputer who dominates the village, The Great C. Developed and published by Secret Location Inc., The Great C promises “a sweeping 30+ minute experience”, to “push the boundaries of storytelling in VR”.

Steam Store Page | Releasing 9th October, 2018

5. Gris

I always had a special affinity for platformers. In my opinion, platformers are one such genre which can provide an excellent and unmatchable gameplay and narrative experience, if done correctly. And, owing to that, I am always in pursuit of good platformers. Gris is one such game that grabbed my attention at the very first sight. The game revolves around the titular protagonist Gris, whose dress grants her special abilities to traverse through the sorrowful world around her. The game is coming in December 2018 and is developed by Nomada Studio and published by Devolver Digital.

Steam Store Page | Releasing in December


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