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If you’ve played as many FPS games as I have, then you probably would might feel a little downcast to see the large number of shooters, with little innovation to add to their name. The last greatest update to the franchise was when squad based shooters came into fashion, which slowed down the pace of the game. One particular game, after a long time, looks to shake up the boring meta of first-person-shooters as well as the fundamental game mechanics. If you had seen the trailers, and the gameplay, you’d know why the game feels different. Yup, I’m talking about Eximius : Seize the Frontline.

The game seeks to mix up the core concepts of RTS and FPS. The game is a squad based 5v5 game at heart, which channels the strategy required in standard squad based combat games in the form of a separate mechanic in itself. You can switch between the RTS camera angle as well as the FPS, to play the game as you see fit. There are various units in the game, ranging from tanks to drones as well as to several types of soldiers. Several units can deploy front bases which ‘train’ soldiers or ‘create’ vehicles for the battle – the essence of an RTS. When you feel the need to get into the game and hit them hard – there’s nothing better than being in control of a vehicle or a soldier, and mashing your opponent to bits.

The game is unique not only because of the first person shooter perspective, but if it manages to reach the eyes of many a player, it might become the next sensation among players. Enough attention might even put eyes on the competitive viability of the game, which requires micro management as well as raw reflexes to overcome the enemy. Yup, I’m talking esports here. Eximius : Seize the Frontline is a game which is a potential candidate for the next popular esport. (just have cosmetic drops as rewards with varying rarity and I can see the game gaining some popularity!)

The developers, Ammobox Studios, frequently stream sessions where the developers play against one another, trying to demonstrate how things work in the game. They post updates frequently, and reply to people trying to interact with them.

Interested folks can check out the Steam page to wishlist it, or the Facebook page to get daily updates, as well as check out the streams when they are happening. They plan to release in September 2018 in Early Access, so be sure to check it out when they do!


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