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2014-15 saw a vertical curve in rising system requirements of games. From a minimum of Nvidia 8800GT, the requirements have gone upto a GTX 660. The processor requirements have gone up too, but honestly, only the GPUs matter in a gaming PC.In a recent post we looked at the minimum system requirements of Just Cause 3 and they were pretty humongous. We had discussed that if you did not necessarily want to play the game at 1080p, a variety of entry level cards could run it. A GTX 670 is no joke. A 30K GPU is not something that you find in an average house. There is a reason that a GTX 670 is called a mid-high ranged card.


Not everyone on a PC plays games at 1080p. That is one of the many advantages of having a PC- It is highly customisable and we can run games on the best settings suited to our needs. Many gamers till date play on 720p or 900p. The minimum requirements released these days take into consideration

  1.  That you’ll be playing at 1080p
  2. You’ll be playing the game at a minimum of medium settings (Hehe)


That is not what we exactly call minimum requirements. We have played The Witcher 3 on an AMD 7770, which is roughly equivalent to a GTX 650, even though the game required a minimum of GTX 660 according to the developers. We admit that we were playing at 900p at high settings, but it was not at all a bad experience. Even consoles have many games that are not 1080p. We can safely say that, if you have any rig with a GPU that has a DDR5 type RAM, you could do without upgrading your PC for another year or two. Even those with obsolete GPUs like a GTX 5770 or a GTX 550 will not have much difficulty, though the games will not be at all playable at 1080p.

So don’t go in the market with a mindset of just buying the recommended or the minimum GPU. Thoroughly research the resolution at which you’re going to play the game and the settings you want to play at. Hopefully in the future we will be able to help you in an appropriate way to choose parts for a PC.


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