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As is a tradition here at IN, the last post of the year is us talking about us and telling everyone how well we did this time around. So let’s get this show on the road.


Just like the Indian economy, IN experienced a slow down of sorts after 3 consecutive years of rise. 2019 was the first time in 4 years that we didn’t top the views from last year. Having said that, 2018 was an exceptional year, and it was always going to be difficult to beat those numbers with the resources we had. But 2019 is still 2nd in the gross number of views, and as you will see reading forward, we grew everywhere else but views this year.


117. That’s the total number of reviews+previews that we did this year. Including games such as Ghost Recon Breakpoint, Resident Evil 2, Call Of Duty Modern Warfare, Borderlands 3, Death Stranding, Days Gone and Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order. Of course just like last year, we had our fair share of indies too. Indie games such as Rebel Cops, Disco Elysium, Blasphemous, Ion Fury and My Friend Pedro.


Of course, that’s also down to the great writers we have on our team. While Armu and Jay took most of the writing load at the beginning of the year, it was Sailesh and Arkad who did the heavy lifting towards the end of the year. In fact, special mention should be made of Sailesh, who started by reviewing indie games and ended up writing 21 reviews/previews for the site. Not only that Sailesh also acted as our official correspondent for Dreamhack 2019, which was held in Delhi this year.

A special mention should also be made for Megamesh Teja, the mind behind our experiment, “The TLDR; review”. Close captioned 1-minute video reviews of games were something new for all of us at IN. Running for roughly 1 year, the TLDR; experiment had to be put on ice, when Meg had to move to college. But it did prove one thing, that IN is much more than just a writing medium.

This leads us to Biren, who single-handedly, has crossed the 100 subscribers on YouTube with his regular Rainbow Six Siege streams. He has had no help from the rest of the team and has done an amazing job at something, none of us are good at. That doesn’t mean Jay didn’t try though. Jay who keeps churning out thoughtful articles, like India churns out engineers, also took to FB this year and may have created a niche for himself as a Mallu gamer. With Manas joining the foray in recent times and adding his own brand of humor to the IN banner, this is a new time for all of us. This year, we ventured into live streams, custom made videos, podcasts and of course event coverage, and we did well in all of them. I think you will be hearing and watching IN much more now than you were earlier.


No self-boasting is complete without a token gesture of thanks. So we would like to thank Allwyn, the face of Games The Shop and E-xpress way who are basically the reason that we get to review as many games as we do. Of course, we also need to extend our thanks to our PRs from Activision, Sony, Blizzard, Square Enix and Capcom for making our lives much more easier. Also all of those indie emails, please keep sending them in. We love you all and promise to cover even more news than before.


So what’s next? 100+ subscribers on YT, 10K followers on FB, a tweet retweeted by Sony Santa Monica. What else is there to achieve for IN now. Well for starters I would love to reach that 1 Million marks on views. I would like to have 100 reviews (only) on the site published in a calendar year, and 50K followers on FB. I would like to have the new podcast that we started reach 500 listeners and I would like to earn some money while I am at it. Ambitious goals? Yes. Unachievable? Not really. IN has depended on slow progress for a long time and it has served us well, but now with personal life taking a toll on all of us, I think its time for some more constructive methods. We will diversify IN. We will explore new opportunities, write different articles, make unique contents, we shall splash our legs until we learn to swim, and of course, we will also be tossing our coins to the Witcher. See you in the next decade lads. Oh and happy 5 years anniversary to IN.

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