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Ludo is one of the most commonly played games during childhood. Along with snakes and ladders, it’s one of the most frequently played games that bring about a feeling of contentment and happiness. It has always been one of the small pleasures of childhood.

As adulthood approached, lack of time and inclination to play have pushed traditional games such as ludo onto the back burner. Lately, if you have noticed, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of these childhood favorites as digital natives flock to these games and play them on their handsets. 

Not to be left out is the traditional version of ludo that rekindles long-forgotten memories of fun times with the familiar feel of the physical dice in your hand and the board’s musty smell. Ludo retains its share of fans who swear by its nostalgic value.

However you wish to play Ludo, there is no denying it has a large captive audience once again. Proof of this is the article in Moneycontrol that reveals that the number of gaming developers grew from a mere thirty companies in 2017 to about 900 plus developers in 2022, a multi fold increase.  

Read on to find out the defining traits of the traditional and online adaptations of Ludo and why each camp feels their choice is the more attractive proposition. Here are some of the points to keep in mind when choosing which version of the ludo game you will enjoy better. 

Entry Barrier:

If you wish to embrace the modern way of playing ludo, you need a smartphone and a stable internet connection. However, there are many smartphones that are suitable for gaming and won’t pinch your pocket. Another advantage is its portability, as you can play on the move. 

All that patrons of traditional ludo need are to hop on over to the nearest toy store and get themselves a brand-new ludo board. While it won’t fit in your pocket like a smartphone, it will be an ideal companion for those long train journeys en route to a holiday destination or to see grandma. 

You can have an enjoyable time on board the train while looking forward to your vacation and take out two birds with one stone! 

Instant Gratification: 

When playing online ludo, it is easy to get started as the game does the job of pairing players for you. Select the find a player option, and you are on your way to a good time. Finding an opponent is easy, as someone will always be online looking to play.

Traditional ludo requires a willing participant or two within your home or at your neighbor’s if you are looking to indulge in some good old-fashioned fun. However, traditional ludo is immune to technical disruptions that may affect online ludo, such as outages in the internet service. 

Locating a challenger for playing offline ludo is half the battle won, with the other half taking place on the ludo board. 

Game Pace:

When playing ludo online, if a player takes too long to play their turn, the game will nudge them into making a move. They lose their chance to play if they don’t take their turn within a reasonable time. This keeps the game ticking along and helps achieve the result quicker.  

In the offline version, there is no rush to speed up the game as the timer counting down is absent. As such, the game’s pace is slower than playing online but can be fun, too, as there is room for some friendly banter when not propelled along to finish the game. 

Variety In Gameplay:

When developers create virtual iterations of ludo, the features they wish to include are only limited by their imagination. They can consider multiple game modes apart from the classic mode we all know. Game modes limited by time or the number of active tokens permitted are some options open for consideration.

Newcomers to the digital version will have to contend with different rules, gameplay, and a slight learning curve until they get accustomed to it.

But in the offline mode, there is only one way to play the game, by following its traditional rules. The simple gameplay works to its advantage as there is no time wasted explaining the instructions, as it is one of the most familiar games on the planet. So you and your fellow players can just dive in and enjoy themselves.   

In-game Rewards:

Lastly, online versions of ludo let players earn some cash rewards in exchange for a nominal entry fee for gaining access to the paid modes of the game. It is possible to play some practice matches before committing yourself to the paid rounds.     

What offline ludo guarantees you is good clean fun without having to be in a must-win situation that arises from putting cash down for playing the game. There is no pressure to win; if you lose, all you end up with is a slightly bruised ego. 

Both offline and online versions of ludo have an equally large fan following, with people on both sides of the fence sticking to their guns with their choices. 

The offline and online versions of ludo are replete with features to beckon die-hard enthusiasts of the game who prefer the traditional variety and the tech-savvy demographic armed with smartphones who have taken to online gaming in a big way.

Thus there is no clear winner between online and offline versions of ludo, as both guarantee fun-filled hours irrespective of your preference.

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