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Among Giants’ DISTORTIONS is heading to Steam and the Windows Store in early 2018!

Portraying a music-driven journey of self-discovery, the game transports players to a realm where music, magic, and memories take on a whole new meaning…

After waking up in a strange, puzzling world where memories roam free like ghostly echoes, a young woman must utilize her musical gifts to find her way home. Beset with psychological pain, she must make peace with her past and learn to live in the moment in order to deal with unpleasant physical manifestations of days long gone. Equipped with her journal and violin – and guided by music – the girl must protect herself from the masked creatures that terrorize this land. In fact, they may have a deeper connection with her own memories …

In Distortions, you’ll experience a breathtakingly beautiful world filled with caves, mountains, and rivers. Can’t find a way through? Shape the terrain around you with music, and hunt for clues to shed light on the next checkpoint. With the help of a strange masked gentleman, you must uncover new memories and eventually solve the mystery of the journal’s unknown author to overcome your past and open the door to a happier future.

This year alone, Distortions has already garnered awards and recognition from GameSpot, Casual Connect/Indie Prize, and the Brazilian International Game Festival:

*   Winner, “Best of BGS10” [included in “Best in Show”]  – GameSpot / Brazil Game Show
*   Winner, “Best Brazilian Game” & “People’s Choice Award” – Brazilian International Game       Festival (BIG)
*   Winner, “Best Technology”; Nominee, “Best Music & Sound” – SBGames
*   Winner, “Best Game” – Spcine
*   Finalist / Nominee, “Best Narrative” – Casual Connect / Indie Prize (2017)
*   Finalist – Casual Connect / Indie Prize (2018) [announced] *   Nominee, “Best Independent Game” & “Best Brazilian Game” – Brazil Game Awards             (BGA)
*   Nominee, “Best Concept” & “Best Music & Sound” – AzPlay

Thiago Girello (CEO, Among Giants):

“Distortions is a music-based project that goes well beyond game mechanics and the world itself. Music has driven the whole concept forward, before a single art asset was put in place. From the start, we wanted to make a game that would use music as the connective tissue between narrative, environment, and language. Before development began, we researched all the types of music Distortions will feature, what kind of ‘vibe’ they provide, and what stories they tell. With all this prior research, the rest was actually pretty straightforward!”

*   Immerse yourself in a poetic, compelling narrative of perseverance, mystery, and lost         memories.
*   Use the power of music to shape the world around you.
*   Experience innovative, modular gameplay that changes according to the story’s                   “rhythm.”
*   Learn to use five unique abilities to tame (or control!) awe-inspiring creatures.
*   Enjoy multiple gameplay styles – from side-scrolling to open-world exploration.

Distortions will be available Q1 2018 on Steam and the Windows Store.

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