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Laptops are relatively not so ideal gaming devices in terms of user experience due to various factors, two of the obvious major points being- Thermal throttling and noise. For a long time now, we have seen GTX powered laptops suffixing with ‘M’ in front of the GPU models. They changed this with their latest architecture, Pascal, where they were able to sort of make the mobile GPUs almost as powerful as their desktop counterparts.

Their latest ‘advancement’ on the software side of things is ‘Whisper Mode’ which is made to decrease the noise emission from the cooling system depending on the game you are playing. In short from what I understood from their blog, this is just a new ‘Marketing Term’ of basically not making the GPU sweat itself. In the video below, the presenter says that-

“E-sport games like Overwatch will be locked to 60 fps and ‘cinematic’ games like Witcher 3 will be locked to 40”

Now, everyone knows that E-sport games don’t really play at 60 fps in all seriousness unless there is a budget restriction and if a game can run Witcher 3 at 40 fps, I think it is more than capable for playing games at much more than 60 fps (Saying from personal experience). Most of them are played at 144+ fps or rather I should say 300. As for that whole ‘cinematic’ thing, who would want a GPU that can provide 60+ fps on a game like Witcher 3 to be locked to 40 fps, that’s just ridiculous.

What do you think about the ‘Whisper Mode’? Will you like the GPU to perform as per the software definition or do you think it’s just a gimmick?

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