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American Rapper 50 Cent uploaded imagery of Vice City to his Instagram. Fans are speculating whether he’s teasing a GTA-themed- series or hinting towards being a part of GTA 6.

50 Cent's Instagram Post

50 Cent’s Instagram post came with an obscure caption about how “this” surprise that he promises to explain to his fans later is supposed to be bigger than Power. Power is a franchise with a 6-season long drama series and its three spin-offs, all created by 50 Cent. This detail might suggest that a series of Grand Theft Auto may arise as 50 Cent’s next endeavor.

50 Cent's Caption on Instagram

Fans have also theorized how the font style in the image posted could hint at his presence in the game through a character or songs on the radio. This theory is because GTA 6 location got leaked to be Vice City (Miami).

Grand Theft Auto VI was officially announced in February 2022 and is developing actively. The developers expect the game to release in mid-2024 at the earliest.

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