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Yakuza 0, the chronological prequel in Sega‘s long-running crime drama series finally made it to PCs all over the world last night. The remake of the first ever Yakuza game, titled Yakuza Kiwami would also be making its way to  the PC from sometime this year. It seems like that the series’ latest iteration, Yakuza 6, is also coming to the PC platform this year itself. As we can see in SEGA’s latest fiscal report, Yakuza 6: The Song of Life has been listed for the PC.

Sega has not officially confirmed this news, but we would say that it’s highly likely for Sega to release yakuza games back-to-back on the PC, especially considering the PC fan following the console exclusives have. It’s also worth noting that the PC port of Yakuza 0 has been garnering excellent reports from all over. The Noobs tested the game out last night and suffice to say that we’re extremely happy with how the game runs.

We hope that more console exclusives makes their way to PC eventually.

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