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WWE 2K15 didn’t take long to come to PC. Now it’s here and currently available for purchase on Steam.

The game originally launched back in October for the seventh and eighth gen home consoles. The game had some decent reviews for the time. The graphics – for some of the characters – had a slight bump up from the last outing and the inclusion of newcomers like Sting made the game standout just a bit more than the previous year’s outing.

Greg Thomas, the president at Visual Concepts, one of the studios who worked on the game when it came to the 3D facial recognition scanning, commented about the game’s release on PC, saying…

WWE 2K15 for Windows PC represents another step forward for the WWE 2K portfolio as we continue expanding the brand’s content offerings to additional platforms, PC gamers who are long-time franchise fans are certain to enjoy the comprehensive and authentic WWE experience through simulation-based gameplay for the very first time.

The game does come with many of the modes you would expect it to, including the new and improved creation tools to make the superstar of your dreams. There’s the Universe Mode that allows you to modify and create the WWE universe that best exemplifies your booking prowess, as well as the all new 2K Showcase mode that allows gamers to go back and relive some of the breathtaking experiences that helped define distinct generations and eras within the WWE. The 2K Showcase modes are put together as sequential challenges with documentary-style videos that include commentary, vignettes and behind-the-scenes footage that helped bring the rivalries to life.


The 2K Showcase mode also gains some extra play-life thanks to the DLC, which PC gamers will be able to download for free. The 2K Showcase DLC for WWE 2K15 includes the Path of Warrior, following the Hall of Fame career for the one and only Ultimate Warrior. There’s the Hall of Pain, which marks a showcase of Mark Henry’s rise to dominance. And finally, there’s the showcase called One More Match, which gives gamers a series of deep rivalries where the fans demanded one more run out of WWE superstar Christian.

Additional DLC that will be made freely available for PC gamers includes the WCW, NXT and new moves pack.

One of the other big new features for WWE 2K15 was the overhauled My Career mode, where players will start off at the performance center and work their way up the ranks through the highly popular NXT brand, and eventually transition over into the main brands, Smackdown and Raw. The only thing keeping the experience from being true to real life are the backstage politics and career “shovels”.

Anyway, WWE 2K15 is available right now for PC gamers over on Steam for $49.99. You can learn more about the game by paying a visit to the official WWE 2K website.

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