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Vampyr, the upcoming action rpg from Dontnod Entertainment’s upcoming rpg is not going to let your actions go unpunished. Speaking to the official Xbox Magazine, Dontnod’s narrative director Stephane Beauverger clarified that while it lets you take the lives of NPCs, they’re gone for the rest of the game thanks to an autosave feature. That means you won’t be able to reload a prior save to bring them back.

Stephane Beauverger added that this actually adds meaning to the game. “The ultimate experience in the game is knowing that if you take a life, you can’t go back,” he said. “You can’t revert to a previous save. When you decide to kill an NPC in the game, that’s it for them until the end of the story.”

It seems like Vampyr will give players meaningful consequences to their actions. Since you play as a vampire in the plague ridden 18th century London,  few inconspicuous murders here and there are to be expected.  As Beauverger noted, this system should enrich the experience of playing Vampyr that much more when it launches on the Xbox One, PS4, and PC later this year.

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