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101XP has revealed that its totalitarian social sim For the People is coming to Steam. As a newly elected mayor, it’s your job to straddle the line between enforcing the status quo and bringing about change. You’ll do whatever it takes… for the people!

For the People is a politically charged strategy game putting players in the shoes of a recently elected mayor in the Soviet inspired  Commonwealth of Orange Collectives. You’ll have to make challenging moral and political decisions regarding economic distribution and social policies. Deciding between strengthening your political party, working towards the nation’s long term growth, and making the people in the here and now happy is an inherently impossible task. There’s no pleasing everyone, so you’ll constantly have your ethics and morals put to the test as you’re torn between different allegiances and their values.

Every district of Iron-1 has pressing needs, and every decision you make has its consequences with more than five different possible endings. Manage the appeals for justice from your citizens, grant or dismiss requests from subject departments, and untangle a web of political intrigue. Information is your most valuable resource, so do not be afraid to obtain it by any means necessary. Your political decisions and who you choose for your allies will carve out the fate of this parallel world. Lead it to democracy or take control as an unyielding dictator? Will the party serve the people, or will the people serve the party? The choice is yours, comrade!

To get an early look at For the People, a free demo will be available as part of the Steam Game Festival June 16th – 22nd. It’s only available for a limited time, so sign up here as a reminder to ensure you don’t miss out!

“For the People is a very topical game right now as political turmoil is seemingly at an all-time high right now,” said Olga Makushenko, Managing Director of Premium Games at 101XP. “You can’t go more than a day without hearing people discuss things like inequality, and political leaders. Here in Russia, we’ve seen drastic changes in government regimes play out in the last few decades, so we wanted to make a game that explores these systems of power. We hope For the People gets people to think about all the conflicting angles that come into play when working in politics.”


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