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 Targem Games and Gaijin Entertainment announce the release of the new Adventure game mode for the post-apocalyptic online action game Crossout. Beginning December 20, all players who have achieved level three or greater will unlock a story-driven adventure through the wastelands. Also, through January 14, special festive events will be available inCrossout, in which players can get New Year’s decor for vehicles that increase the experience points gained in battle.

Adventure offers three distinct types of tasks:

  • Awakening is a multi-hour story campaign that unveils some of the darkest secrets of Crossout and the world in which the game takes pace. It is played on a massive map, which can be freely explored. The story campaign itself can only be completed once, but players can always join other survivors in co-operative mode to assist them with their current story task.
  • Off-Roads are a collection of secondary tasks scattered across the map Adventure plays on. Players can find different jobs there, including the destruction of raiders, the collection of cargo or even scouting an area. Off-Roads can be repeated at will and the amount of different tasks of this category will be expanded further as the mode develops.
  • Joint Missions are important events that occasionally occur somewhere on the map and every player in the region can participate. This can, for example, entail a large-scale raider assault on an oil drill site, and groups of players will be able to join the heroic defense for well-deserved rewards.

By completing any of the above tasks, players will receive experience points as well as Engraved Shells, which are a rare resource used to craft exclusive weapons and decorative items. Players can also find other materials for crafting weapons and modules, but should be ready to fight their current owner, if they decide to steal them!

From December 20 through January 14, players can participate in festive New Year’s events and earn exclusive decorative items, character portraits and vehicle stickers. In “Christmas Heist”, the new PvE mode, players fight against hordes of the villain Gronch’s evil henchman to protect the post-apocalyptic New Year’s tree made out of destroyed Crossout vehicles. PvP fans can rejoice in the “New Year’s Fever” brawl, where two teams will fight for victory and no one leaves the battle empty-handed.

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