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Valorant’s Patch 2.09 is bringing in a few fixes and improvements to the game, and along with it comes out the brand new game mode – Replication. And do we have any idea what replication is going to offer? Well, we did have a look at a few videos and we’ve never been more terrified.

Replication Game Mode Valorant

Talking about Replication, the patch notes has good news for us and is worth mentioning first. With replication, you will be getting a feature called Flashguard. This means, if you are flashed twice within 4 seconds, you will be gaining Flash Guard which will prevent you from getting flashed for the next 5 minutes, an important gift for Valorant players. And as for the game mode, both sides will be picking the same character in their own team. This means all 5 players playing the same agent in a team. So this means the dream of 5 Reynas and 5 Jetts is now a reality. Replication is already live in the game, but you can read the entire patch notes here.

Additionally, some game improvements have been put into effect, including the much-needed balancing of Viper’s wall. Riot has majorly buffed Viper so that players can actually utilize her in the game, but right now she’s causing a major threat. Looking over the situation riot has decided to decrease the instant decay of 50HP to 30HP. This may not be a lot, but will actually make players push through the wall, instead of scaring them away for good. Along with it, Tactical Timeouts are in the game but only for Tournament Mode. This tactical timeout can be requested by each team twice for 60 seconds by the players themselves. If this works out well, there is a possibility we might be seeing it in competitive matches as well. Observers POV has also been improved along with many changes that you can read here.


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