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We have had a fun time exposing Sal Marcano for his evil machinations and ruining his business empire, while killing thousands of his men in undercover crime rackets throughout the city of New Bordeaux. Ever wanted to see a bit less of the gangster, and a bit more of government agenda? Or rather, discover the pal of yours who helped you bring down Sal Marcano? The new DLC is the answer to that.

The “Stone Unturned” DLC sees John Donovan join Lincoln Clay actively on the field from his cozy spot in the motel room. Donovan is the heart of the DLC, not only in the story, but in the action as well. Together, it’s upto Lincoln and Donovan to catch Donovan’s former rival Connor Alridge and his mercenary army, who are on the track of a downed aircraft carrying hazardous cargo. Get used to a new associate called Robert Marshall, who provides bounty hunting missions for earning a sweet amount of cash. In order to take down Connor and his army, Lincoln and Donovan gain access to a sweet stash of new tools to use on the field. The DLC also takes the game to previously unexplored areas of New Bordeaux and to a new dense jungle island never seen before in the history of Mafia III.

Interested peeps can check out the launch trailer here :

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